Why NFL scout ‘pounded the table’ for Penn State Football’s Jayson Oweh

Linebacker Jayson Oweh was the runaway star of Penn State Football’s pro day Thursday, but his performance only solidified what many in the league already know.

“I’ve already pounded the table for Jayson,” an NFL scout told Victory Bell Rings shortly after Penn State Football’s pro day concluded.

Oweh ran the 40-yard dash in what multiple scouts clocked at 4.41 seconds, officially announced by the school as a 4.36-second run, and the short-shuttle in 6.83 seconds, and produced a 39.5 vertical leap.

“I submitted a first-round grade on Jayson last year,” the scout said. “And others in our building didn’t believe it. There’s so much potential there was a player and you just want to mold him.”

In addition to boosting his NFL Draft stock, potentially solidifying his status as a top-20 selection next month, Oweh reinforced what many evaluators saw from his film.

“A pro day like this will help the scouts and personnel directors who gave him a first-round grade,” the scout added.

The scout’s analysis is a familiar one among teams that I have spoken to in recent weeks, who place significantly more value in Oweh’s athleticism and potential, than his relatively meager college stats.

Last season, Oweh failed to produce a sack, but recorded seven in his two-plus seasons as a starter in the Nittany Lions’ defense. He also produced 63 total tackles, forced two fumbles and broke up two passes.

“He’s had sacks before,” the scout said. “This year, for whatever reason, they just didn’t happen. You start looking at the stuff that he did, he was learning to play defensive end and he was more dominant this year than last. He had tons of quarterback hits and pressures, but the quarterback got the ball out. S*** happens.”

All it takes is one team to see Oweh’s potential as more than just production inside the top-15 or 20 selections and have their views strengthened by Thursday’s workout to put his name on their card. One thing is for sure, Oweh certainly didn’t hurt himself with his performance, and might have helped himself tremendously.

“You have to remember this is a guy who only started playing the game five years ago,” the scout said. “After a pro day like this, that 40-time really helps him out. You start looking at people in your building and ask yourselves; ‘this guy is 6-foot-5 and 257 pounds and he just ran that time. When are the chances that happens again?'”