Penn State Football: Drew Allar Has One of the Biggest Arms in College Football

What makes a quarterback unique? For some, it’s their decision-making, leadership, and desire to win. For others, it’s the physical traits of height, hand size, arm strength, and athleticism. For Penn State sophomore QB Drew Allar, it’s a mixture of both.

Allar was the number one QB prospect in the 2022 class, he had a 5-star composite ranking per 247sports. He stands about 6’5 and he’s a physically gifted player. Not only does Allar have the size, but his mechanics are very refined for a young player. This is because Allar puts in the hours to work on his craft, but he also has a great trainer in Brad Maendler.

Why so many college football analysts are high on Allar are the same reasons NFL scouts were so high on Josh Allen coming out of college. All of the physical attributes are there, the question is, can Allar put together those game-winning drives, and can he lead his team to the next level?

One of my favorite posts from Maendler’s Twitter account shows Drew Allar’s transformation from early 2020 until the summer of 2021. His progression is amazing and it shows how badly Allar wants to succeed, he is willing to put in the work.

Recently, 247sports put together a list of college football’s 11 biggest arms at quarterback entering the 2023 season. Allar was listed as the 7th biggest arm in the country, and he is on a list full of the best of the best.

With Allar at the helm this season, not only should we expect more from the passing game, but we should expect more deep passes and explosive plays. The anticipation continues to build on Allar’s debut as a starter, but when it’s kickoff for the West Virginia game all of the Penn State community will see just how talented Allar is.