Penn State Football: Uniform for Rose Bowl revealed

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Center Brian Gaia
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Center Brian Gaia /

Penn State Football is smelling roses as it heads to the Rose Bowl to culminate the 2022 season. Penn State has released its uniform combo.

Penn State Football will square off against the Utah Utes on January 2nd, 2023, for the annual Rose Bowl game. As we know, Penn State essentially has two choices when it comes to uniform options. Blue jerseys with white pants or white jerseys with white pants. As much as I would enjoy it, we aren’t going to see the Generations of Greatness jerseys make an appearance.

Penn State last made the Rose Bowl in the culmination of the 2016 season and faced off against the USC Trojans. In the Rose Bowl game against USC, Penn State went with blue jerseys and white pants, while USC went with white jerseys and yellow pants.

It gave fans a decent color clash. Although, I would have preferred if USC went red jerseys and yellow pants.

For this Rose Bowl appearance, the cleanest look in college football will be centerstage when Penn State takes on Utah. Penn State has announced that they will go with the all-white uniform combination. White helmet(as always), white jersey, white pants, and white shoes.

As we know, for road games, Penn State Football and fans alike wear white. This Rose Bowl appearance will offer Penn State Football fans an opportunity to continue this tradition.

It appears that Utah Football will be wearing red jerseys as they are encouraging fans to “wear red.” With that being said, I am hoping that they are also going to encompass their red pants and give the Rose Bowl a much-needed splash of color.

Penn State Football gets an opportunity at the Rose Bowl to show off its program to the nation. When showing off, it’s always nice to do it with the cleanest look in college football.