State College named Best College Football Town in America

State College, Pa, home to Penn State Football, took home crown as the Best College Football Town in America, via ESPN voting 

Tell us something we don’t know, right?

All season long, ESPN held a ‘Football Town Showdown’ (sponsored by Shell and Fuel Rewards), pitting one college football town versus another until a final show match-up was set: State College, PA vs Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Defeating towns like Morgantown and Madison, which we visited earlier this year, ESPN announced Wednesday that State College defeated Baton Rouge to be named the best college football town in America!

We always knew State College was something special but it’s nice to see State College receive this type of national acknowledgement.

Obviously the performance on the field has been impressive the past few years, and as ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit loves mentioning, the atmosphere of the Beaver Stadium Whiteout and student section in general are second to none.

But add in the local charms of The Corner Room and Cafe 210 West?  You just can’t beat State College.

Despite not having a local delicacy or style of food (like the creole dining in Baton Rouge), the overall charm of our college town was able to win this competition.

It doesn’t quite take the sting away from that painful loss in Iowa City but hey, better than losing.  Congrats, State College!