Penn State Football facilities not considered among elite

Penn State football players leave the Mildred and Louis Lasch Football Building (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Penn State football players leave the Mildred and Louis Lasch Football Building (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Penn State’s Board of Trustees recently approved a project to upgrade and expand Penn State Footballs Lasch building, and this list put together by 247sports proves that was the right call 

Everyone except maybe Jay Paterno understands that college football is an arm’s race to who can have the best locker rooms, weight rooms and facilities.

Thankfully Penn State’s Board of Trustees approved a project that will cost in excess of $40million to expand and upgrade the Lasch building, a project that was long overdue and was originally delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

247sports put together a list ranking the top 25 facilities in college football, and to nobody’s surprise Penn State Football is not on it. The list features four Big Ten teams, two of which come as a surprise.

Illinois comes in at no.13 in the rankings, while Northwestern, a school more known for its sports journalism school than its actual sports programs, checked in at no.8.

That is pathetic, and should be deemed unacceptable by Penn State’s board, athletic department, boosters, alumni and fans.

The Wildcats now feature the conference’s most expensive practice facility and 247sports even called it quote “majestic.” This is the first time in the school’s history they have been featured in the site’s facility rankings at all.

James Franklin would admittedly tell you that the 2021 recruiting cycle did not break the way he or the program was hoping for the Nittany Lions, finishing ranked 21st in the country by 247sports. That could be due to a myriad of different issues, whether it be coaching changes, covid effects, or just plain bad luck.

However, when you see a list like this put together and realize you sit behind the likes of Illinois and Northwestern, you have to face the potential reality that maybe the programs offerings need a face lift. Maybe Penn State Football isn’t blowing anyone away when they take an official visit.

Yes, being on the sidelines during a ‘white out’ game is probably a very goof sell to incoming recruits, however other schools can offer big time atmospheres as well. Winning, will breed big time atmospheres. To win, you need to recruit. To recruit, you need to stand out.

Former All-American linebacker Brandon Short gets it, and made some telling comments regarding the approved project on the Lasch building.

"“The question isn’t whether we should do this project or should we do it now,” Short said. “My question is, why aren’t we investing more? There’s no other place where we can get a higher return on our investment than investing in our football program. It aligns with our core mission, enlists the entire university. This investment increases student applications, allows us to maintain or increase our academic standards due to demand outpacing supply. It helps recruit talented faculty and staff. It increases giving across the university and it enhances the local economy.”"

Short is absolutely correct in that an investment in the program will only pay dividends down the line to not only football, but to the University as a whole.

Penn State Football is trying to compete with Ohio State on the field, but with the Buckeyes coming in at no. 4 on this list on the heels of back-to-back top five recruiting classes, how are they supposed to do so?

Come October 30th the fan base will raise collective concern over why Franklin cannot beat the Buckeyes, pointing to play calling, clock management among others.

However, look no further than the schools commitments to their respective programs before dissecting minute details on the field. Ohio State spends, offers the best of the best and in turn lands recruits from Texas, Florida and California.

Penn State Football is being beat to recruits in their own backyard, and it starts at the top.

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