The 7 most important plays that have defined the James Franklin era

Through the good and the bad, these plays have been big defining moments during James Franklin's tenure at Penn State.
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin / Bobby Ellis/GettyImages
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2. Miles Sanders stuffed on 4th & 5 Against Ohio State (2018)

Believe it or not, James Franklin could actually have a three-game winning streak against Ohio State on his resume. Unfortunately, questionable play calling and clock management prevented that after blowing a huge lead in 2017 against the Buckeyes.

The Nittany Lions looked to rectify the situation in 2018, controlled most of the game, and had a 12-point lead against the Buckeyes in the 4th quarter. Ohio State roared back to take a one-point lead with on a K.J. Hill touchdown grab from Dwayne Haskins with 2:04 left. Trace McSorley had a chance to answer Haskins and potentially solidify himself in the Heisman Trophy race, but when Penn State faced a 4th & 5, what happened next left everyone in Beaver Stadium stunned.

A run play was called and the game was gift-wrapped by Franklin and Penn State to the Buckeyes. In his postgame interview, Franklin acknowledged they were not elite yet. Many Penn State faithful point to this specific play that separates Franklin from good and maybe great, to being an elite coach himself.