The 7 most important plays that have defined the James Franklin era

Through the good and the bad, these plays have been big defining moments during James Franklin's tenure at Penn State.
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin / Bobby Ellis/GettyImages
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3. 4th down stop vs. Wisconsin Big Ten Championship (2016)

One of the biggest plays of the 2016 season came in the Big Ten championship game against Wisconsin. What initially looked like would be a blowout for the Badgers, Penn State's theme of being a 2nd half team that year continued. Once down 21, the Nittany Lions roared back to outscore the Badgers 31-3. Wisconsin had one more chance late in the 4th quarter on 4th & short.

The Badgers had run the ball well all game but Penn State's defense rose to the occasion when Marcus Allen and Grant Haley stuffed Corey Clement to force a turnover on downs, giving James Franklin and the Nittany Lions a Big Ten title.