The 7 most important plays that have defined the James Franklin era

Through the good and the bad, these plays have been big defining moments during James Franklin's tenure at Penn State.
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin
Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin / Bobby Ellis/GettyImages
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4. Michael Penix Jr. two-point conversion for Indiana (2020)

2020 was a year that caused a lot of chaos, both globally and in college football. Still, James Franklin and Penn State had high expectations heading into the pandemic-shortened season. To start the season, the Nittany Lions had their hands full with Indiana, but still looked on their way to a win.

However, Devyn Ford made a costly mistake by scoring a touchdown late instead of taking a knee. This error allowed Indiana one last shot to force overtime, which they ended up doing. After trading touchdowns in the first overtime, Penn State scored a touchdown to open up the second OT. Indiana answered and instead of going for the tie, the Hoosiers opted to go for two. While the game ended in controversy, Franklin and Penn State had a hard time rebounding that year and began the season 0-5, the first time ever in program history.