Penn State releases brand-new renderings of athletic facilities set for renovations

Penn State approved massive upgrades to its athletic facilities and now has impressive renderings of what those renovations could look like.
Penn State athletic director Pat Kraft
Penn State athletic director Pat Kraft / Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK

Earlier this year, Penn State approved massive upgrades to Beaver Stadium as part of a $700 million renovation to the world-famous venue. However, Beaver Stadium isn’t the only athletics facility on campus that is due for a facelift. 

Back in May 2023, the Penn State board of trustees approved upgrades to the Greenberg Sports Complex, East Area Locker Room, and Jeffrey Field and in July, over a year later, the school finally released renderings of these facilities and what they are expected to look like after the work is done. 

Greenberg or “The Pavilion” will have a new-look wellness center and athletic training space available to all of Penn State’s athletic programs. The project is expected to be completed in August of 2025. 

While the entire athletic department can benefit from those upgrades, the investment in Jeffrey Field is for the soccer team. 

Those renovations will be completed in 2026 and will provide a remarkable new indoor/outdoor training facility for both the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Penn State. 

The indoor practice bubble will be for the soccer programs and other Olympic sports to utilize. The East Area Locker Room also has a new look:

With the rules changing around NIL and pay-for-play, the constant arms race to upgrade facilities could come to a screeching halt in college athletics, but for now, improved practice fields and locker rooms like the ones coming to Happy Valley over the next two years are one of the strongest recruiting tools that athletic departments have. 

Penn State may be getting outpaced in football recruiting by the NIL powerhouse schools, but it’s hard to imagine many soccer programs with a better soccer operations center than Jeffrey Field.