Penn State football has never beaten these FBS teams

The Penn State Nittany Lions have beaten 85 different FBS teams in their 130-year history, but these eight teams have beaten Penn State and the Nittany Lions have never gotten revenge.
Mississippi Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart (2)
Mississippi Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart (2) / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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You don’t have to think back very far for Penn State’s only matchup with Ole Miss. The Rebels gained 540 yards on Penn State’s No. 1 ranked defense in the 38-25 win. Granted, Penn State was without Chop Robinson, Johnny Dixon, Kalen King, and plenty of other defensive starters, for either the whole game or the second half. 

Ole Miss dissected Penn State’s defense without Manny Diaz on the staff to stop it, and Penn State’s passing game was a mess against SEC-caliber corners. Still, Penn State and Ole Miss are on similar trajectories and I would not be surprised at all if the two teams met in the expanded playoff soon.