Penn State fans react to proposed renovations to Beaver Stadium

The Penn State Board of Trustees approved a $700 million renovation to Beaver Stadium, but how to spend that money has become a hot topic amongst the fanbase.
Rutgers v Penn State
Rutgers v Penn State / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

On Tuesday, the Penn State Board of Trustees approved $700 million renovations to Beaver Stadium by a vote of 26-2 with three board members abstaining. This plan is on top of $70 million upgrades that are already underway to winterize the stadium in preparation for a potential home College Football Playoff game this winter. 

The official plans and illustrations of the upgraded Beaver Stadium have not been released, but the new features will include a new press box, additional luxury boxes, more concession points of sale, and a welcome center. A preliminary illustration of the “new Beaver Stadium” was released and met with a mixed response from the fanbase. 

Beyond simply hosting postseason matchups late in the year, the renovations will allow Penn State to host additional events throughout the year. Pennsylvanians began to brainstorm what those could look like in future years, even branching out to other sports. 

However, for some fans and reporters, that may not be enough to maximize the value of the on-campus property. Packing Beaver Stadium all year long could squeeze every dime out of it and give Penn State’s athletic program new avenues for NIL fundraising. 

While a retractable roof or a dome has become a hot topic regarding Beaver Stadium, other fans have different priorities. Especially one of Penn State’s preeminent superfans. 

Still, with Beaver Stadium’s outrageous capacity as a huge point of pride for the fanbase, questions arose immediately about how many patrons will be able to pack the facility in future years. 

Penn State athletic director Pat Kraft said that keeping the capacity over 100,000 was a priority in planning the renovations, but the loss of seats could put pressure on the fanbase to break an attendance record this season. 

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