In-house wide receiver options to replace KeAndre Lambert-Smith for Penn State football

Penn State was already thin at receiver before the spring transfer portal opened, but with two departures, Andy Kotelnicki and James Franklin may need to lock internally for replacements.
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Luke Reynolds. . Freshman. player. 6'4" 228 lbs. 491. . Luke Reynolds. Luke Reynolds. TE

The playmaker that Allar needs in the slot might be a true freshman. Reynolds was a five-star recruit and has spent the spring in Happy Valley as one of the many early-enrolled members of Penn State’s 2024 recruiting class. 

Reynolds is a bit light to hold up as an in-line tight end, but that role will be filled by Tyler Warren anyway. However, Kotelnicki’s typically features big receivers and Reynolds will be ready to play the slot as a true freshman. With his combination of size and speed, he’ll be a mismatch in the slot and will make the opposing defensive coordinator sweat a lot more than if Clifford was lining up there 25 times a game. 

It will take time for Reynolds to fully evolve into his final form as a dominant tight end, whether that be more as a Mike Gesicki-type or Pat Freiermuth-type, but even though he’s not there yet, Kotelnicki has to get his best players on the field as much as possible and it’s hard to believe Reynolds won’t be one of them right away.

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