4 way too early over/unders for the Penn State 2024 football season

The college football season is still months away, but it's not too early to predict how some key contributors on Penn State's roster will before in 2024.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

After another 10-win season that some say did not live up to expectations. The Penn State football program is preparing for the arrival of four new teams to the Big Ten with a lot on the line. So, it is never too early to look ahead for the Nittany Lions and what the potential may be for the team and its players. Here are some over/under topics to look at what lies ahead for the 2024 season.

Drew Allar touchdown passes: over/under 25

Drew Allar had a remarkable touchdown-to-interception ratio last year (25/2), despite the wide receiver room being a bit of an issue. I project an improvement this season that will allow him to go over his total of 25 from last season. Even with the loss of KeAndre Lambert-Smith, Penn State has Julian Fleming now to lead the receiving corps and I see Omari Evans and Kaden Saunders supplementing him along with a returning Harrison Wallace to help Allar. Give me the over.

Kaytron Allen/Nicholas Singleton combined rushing yards: over/under 1,800

In 2022, Nicholas Singleton reached the 1,000-yard mark, but his production slipped in 2023 in large part due to not having many runs resulting in explosive plays for big gains. Kaytron Allen was solid, running for the tough yards between the tackles. He was difficult to bring down for opposing defenders and amassed over 900 yards. It's reasonable to expect a similar level of production from Allen, but Penn State needs Singleton to return to his 2022 form. Give me the under.

Team sacks: over/under 50

50 sacks may seem like a high bar, but that is precisely how many the Nittany Lions defense produced last season. The loss of Chop Robinson and Adisa Isaac hurts, but Abdul Carter is moving up to play defensive end and Dani Dennis-Sutton returns. Tony Rojas should emerge at linebacker alongside a returning Kobe King. Penn State also has a new defensive coordinator, Tom Allen, who won the Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2020, who will put his players in positions to excel. Give me the over.

Penn State win total: over/under 8.5

I feel this may be setting the bar a little low but with newcomers Oregon, Washington, USC, and UCLA to the conference and the Nittany Lions schedule. I bounce back and forth. We likely know on paper that Penn State will be underdogs against Ohio State. Washington was the national runner-up, and USC's offense will put the defense to the test. I will still say over, albeit, sightly, on total wins.

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