Penn State Football: Game Themes Announced for Home Games During 2023 Season

The official Penn State Football Twitter account announced the themes for this year’s home games today in a series of tweets. Most notably, we learned who will be the opponent for the whiteout game.

Let’s take a look at how the schedule breaks down now –

September 2nd – West Virignia

Start time: 7:30 PM

Theme: Helmet Stripe


September 9th – Delaware

Theme: THON Spirit Day


September 23rd – Iowa

Start time: 8 PM

Theme: Whiteout


October 14th – UMass

Theme: Homecoming / Generations of Greatness


October 28th – Indiana

Theme: Military Appreciation


November 11th – Michigan

Theme: Stripeout


November 18th – Rutgers

Theme: Senior Day


The most notable thing here is that Iowa will be the whiteout game. Previously, there was a lot of debate online regarding whether the whiteout should be West Virginia, Iowa, or Michigan. Obviously, we would like it to be Michigan as they are the toughest opponent on our schedule, but it looks like that will be a big noon kickoff thanks to FOX.

Iowa is also an 8 PM start time, so this will be a classic whiteout at night. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this Penn State Football schedule. Personally, I think Iowa is our biggest rival in the western division and there’s a lot of bad blood after our last matchup. I would love to see us make a statement and win this game by 30.

Kicking off the season with West Virginia at night in the helmet stripe game should be a much-needed momentum boost for the team. This game will have the look and feel of being a whiteout without officially being a whiteout game.

Michigan being the Stripeout makes sense as well. It seems like Penn State Football has reserved the Stripeout for our toughest opponents that we play at noon. Last year, Ohio State got the Stripeout with the game starting at noon. I thought the atmosphere was great and the Stripeout still looks good on TV in daylight.

Here’s to an undefeated home season for Penn State Football!