Penn State Football: One of college football’s best personalities has high hopes for Nicholas Singleton

Josh Pate, who is one of the most widely respected college football personalities and the host of The Late Kick Podcast, thinks that Penn State Football running back, Nicholas Singleton, will be one of the most impactful true freshmen in the country in 2022.

In a Q&A segment on his show, a fan wrote in and asked Pate which incoming freshman he believes will be the most exciting to watch this season. He listed five that he feels will have the biggest impact on their respective teams, with Nicholas Singleton being one of them.

Based on the lack of a running game by the Nittany Lions in 2021, I tend to agree with him.

Josh Pate pointed out what many Penn State Football fans have been preaching about their beloved Nittany Lions for a very long time:

“If you think about the best Penn State teams, and you think about what they’ve been able to lean on, it’s been a solid ground game”

Ditto, Josh.

In fact, we broke down the direct statistical correlation between the success of the running game, and the success of the team as a whole, under James Franklin. Find that article here.

Pate thinks that the former Gatorade National Player of the Year will be able to “remedy” some of the recent issues of the Nittany Lions’ running game.

If he is right, that would be a huge plus for the Penn State offense, allowing them to have a much more balanced attack than they did a year ago.

However, as many Penn State Football fans across social media will tell you, Singleton’s abilities mean nothing without an offensive line.

Although, if any running back is going to be able to have some success behind a sub-par offensive line, it is going to be the dynamic and explosive true freshman, Nicholas Singleton.