Penn State Basketball’s Micah Shrewsberry reveals recruiting secret weapon

Purdue associate head coach Micah Shrewsberry motions during the first half of an NCAA men's basketball game, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021 at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette.Bkc Purdue Vs Northwestern
Purdue associate head coach Micah Shrewsberry motions during the first half of an NCAA men's basketball game, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021 at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette.Bkc Purdue Vs Northwestern /

Penn State Basketball head coach Micah Shrewsberry opens up about his sweet recruiting pitch, and much more about becoming a first-time NCAA head coach

Penn State Basketball Head Coach Micah Shrewsberry joined Jon Rothstein’s “College Hoops Today” with Jon Rothstein podcast.

After an introductory joke about using the Creamery for recruiting his staff (Chocolate or Oreo are self-proclaimed “ice cream expert” Micah’s favorite flavors), Jon and Micah gave an interesting twenty minute interview and VBR picked a few of the most important quotes for you:

"On getting hired without head coaching experience: “I didn’t really think that getting a job in the B1G would be attainable.  You don’t think your first one from an assistant spot will come in the B1G.  I’m fortunate to work for Sandy Barbour who’s forward thinking in what she does, she didn’t care that I was (just) an assistant coach.”"

It’s well known that Sandy Barbour didn’t mind the fact Micah had no head coaching experience prior to hiring him.  It’s nice to see Micah not shy away from that fact and his surprise at landing a Big Ten job for his first gig.

"On his former boss, Purdue HC Matt Painter: “Coach Painter, I lean on him a lot…how he treats his guys needs to be at the forefront of what we do (here)…about them having a great student athlete experience at Penn State. I called him for five straight days (when I got this job).”"

Purdue v Penn State matchups will be interesting?  We never got to see Pat vs Jay Wright at Villanova so it will be fun to watch two coaches that know what each other are going to call go at it.

"On former Nittany Lion HC Pat Chambers:  “Coach Chambers had done such a great job with this program, he pushed things to a greater height.  That 2020 year they were really rolling…there aren’t many teams that walk into Mackey and come out with a convincing win…they’ve made great in-roads in the Philadelphia area…and there’s a blueprint in place.”"

This is the first time we’ve really heard anyone one currently donning the blue and white speak about Pat Chambers or anyone from “the former era.”

Barbour has been very clear in her delination between past and present so these kind words about Pat’s accomplishments will set very well with those PSUMBB fans who think he got the short end of the stick.

"On his NBA coaching experience: “I got a PHD in coaching just in the amount of games we played in that time. The NBA game is so fast paced, there’s so many situations that come up and you have to prepare for each game differently.”"

How much being an assistant coach in the NBA matters in college is to be determined.  It’s not a jump we see often and if Shrewsberry succeeds, Sandy Barbour will look very good and we will likely see this type of hire repeated at other instutitions.

"On what he’ll bring from former Butler and Boston Celtics HC Brad Stevens: “Brad’s preparation is one of the best I’ve ever been around.  He’s found the unique way to simplify everything is needed for a gameplan and relay that to our guys in the easiest way possible.”"

Does Brad Stevens really want to be the GM for Boston?  Maybe he’d be more interested in joining the

blue and white

pink and black in Happy Valley…

"On his current roster: “I was thrilled that we got guys back with Big Ten Experience, that was a huge, huge piece.  Being able to have a Myles Dread and a Sam Sessoms never go in was huge.  To add John and get Seth back, those were big wins for us.  The guys we’ve added, I’m still learning who they are."

It always seemed like Dread and Sessoms were the model citizens, never wavering from the program during the most tumultuous of times.  Micah seemed to confirm that with this interview.

"On his goals for the 2021-2022 year: “The simple goal for me is we want to complete night in and night one.  We need to be a gritty, scrappy, fighting group and we want to compete in this league.”Analysis:  We’ve been gritty and scrappy for the last ten years.  That was #attitude.  This hire needs to take us to the next level."

Must Read. Nittany Lions in the mix for top five-star recruit. light