This B1G clash may have Penn State Football’s biggest CFP implications

Will a late season B1G matchup be a huge factor for whether Penn State makes the 2021 CFP?

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. And you know what that means, right?


It’s time for everyone to unleash their full arsenal of 2021 college football hot takes. There’s no time like the present for these scorchers.

And just like clockwork, the fine people over at 247 Sports unleashed this behemoth a couple of hours ago:

So there you have it Penn State Football fans. Apparently week 11 is the only week to worry about in 2021 as Michigan comes to town with “CFP implications” on the line.

Whatever that means.

No need to worry about the showdown in Iowa City on October 9th. Or a road tilt in Columbus on October 30th.


How about Auburn coming to town early in the season on September 18th? Pfft. Cakewalk.

And here’s the bottom line. The “Each Week’s Biggest Game For the CFP” tweet was simply a contest to see how many Alabama, Georgia, and Florida games they could cram onto one graphic.

After filling out their SEC bingo card I’m guessing an intern noticed there wasn’t a single B1G regular season matchup on it so they we went “Oh crap. Um…how about Michigan at Penn State in week 11? Perfect!”.

Regarding Penn State football and it’s CFP chances for this season, it’s simple. They start right out of the gate in week 1 against Wisconsin in Madison.

By the time the Fighting Jim Harbaugh’s come to Happy Valley on November 13th, Penn State will have already played in five games which will weigh heavy on their playoff chances.

With the CFP margin of error being so razor thin for non-SEC teams, each week essentially has playoff implications.

And Penn State Football is no exception.