Must watch: Micah Shrewsberry throws first pitch for State College Spikes

Pen State Basketball coach Micah Shresberry took the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to open the State College Spikes’ 2021 baseball season

Penn State Basketball coach Micah Shrewsberry threw out the opening day pitch for the State College Spikes Monday night.

Shrewsberry looked like he threw a strike.

As Shrewsberry works to ingratiate himself with the State College community, like Pat Chambers’ spent countless hours doing, Micah Shrewsberry threw the first pitch Monday night for the 2021 State College Spikes season.

The State College Spikes are now part of the Major Leage Baseball Draft League as opposed to an “A” or “AA” affiliation with a specific major league baseball team.

The league is the first of it’s kind, designed to focus on players who are eligbile for the next Major League Basketball draft, giving them increased visibility and coaching from former players themselves.  The State College Spikes Manager is former big leaguer Delwyn Young (Dodgers, Pirates, Phillies and White Sox), furthering that “major league experience feel.”

Shrewsberry’s pitch was pretty decent for a cool Monday evening, as he was able to get pretty close to the strike zone.  Now let’s see if Shrewsberry can follow up the pitch with a few signed recruits or transers asap!