Local PA beers to give Masters Sunday a Penn State Saturday feel

Penn State Football (Image via York Daily Record)
Penn State Football (Image via York Daily Record) /
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It’s a tradition unlike any other … No, not pounding craft beers and playing flip-cup at a Penn State Football tailgate on a crisp autumn Saturday afternoon outside Beaver Stadium, Sunday is the final round of the Masters in Augusta Georgia.

But, just because we’re still [hopefully] just five months away from sipping cold ones in State College cow pastures, doesn’t mean that Masters Sunday can’t have a Penn State Football  Saturday vibe.

Whether you love golf, only watch for Tiger Woods, or don’t really care, we’re going to help give your Masters’ Sunday a Saturday in State College feel by ranking some of our favorite Pennsylvania beers!

No. 5: Penn Brewery

Known as “Pittsburgh’s Microbrewery”, Penn Brewery has been serving craft beer since 1986, and brewing overall since 1848.

Penn Brewery is known for their classic lagers and German beer roots, noting they follow the strict standards of the 16th-century purity laws (known as Bavarian Reinheitsgebot).  They have won 20 Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup medals.

Coming in at No. 5 on our power rankings of PA beers in their “Marzen” style brew.

This is a spring beer, perfect timing for Masters Sunday, and since it’s only available from January to April, time’s a ticking.

This beer is malty and copper-red in color but isn’t overly “amber” flavored, with just the most suble notes of sweet caramel in the background.  It’s relatively low on the IBU count, which essentially measures the “hoppiness” of a beer, coming in at just a twenty.  So, if you’re not a huge IPA fan, this could be the brew for you.

We envision drinking this before heading into the Blue White game, but this year, we’ll settle for drinking it while watching the Masters.

Other Penn Brewery options that could have made the list: German Chocolate Cake, Collaboration Resilence Pale Ale and Penn Gold.