Penn State Wrestling’s Brady Berge retires from collegiate wrestling

Brady Berge to graduate from Penn State and moved on from the Penn State Wrestling Team

Brady Berge’s undefeated high school career ended in the Minnesota state semi-final match due to injury.

Then in October 2019, his U23 World Championships ended due to another injury. This time a severe concussion.

And unfortunately, his Penn StateWrestling career has now ended due to an injury in the quarter finals of the 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Brady’s wrestling career has been an endless question of “What could have been?”. And this is not to downplay how much character it takes for someone to constantly get knocked down a peg, fight back, and then have it happen again.

Berge has time and time again shown he can weather the injury-storm and come back to fight another day. So the question of “What could have been?” is more directly related to the unlucky career he had.

What if he never got injured in high school? Based on the butterfly effect, if you change one thing you change everything. This then means he doesn’t get hurt at the 2019 U23 World Championships. Maybe his wins a medal there? And maybe he turns this into a B1G Championship and an NCAA Championship?

No one will ever know.

I for one, wish nothing but the best for Brady in the future. You truly made the Penn State Wrestling Team and the Penn State faithful proud.

Good luck Brady!