Penn State basketball: Josh Reaves keeps on making highlights in the NBA

Former Penn State basketball star Josh Reaves has been making some noise on the Dallas Mavericks while playing in the NBA Summer League.

Just a month ago, the 2019 NBA Draft came and went on a Thursday night. As the event spanned over a few hours, nonstop moves were being made as young college basketball prospects would soon find out where they would get a start to their NBA careers. Although the Penn State basketball program wasn’t widely represented, they did have a solid prospect in the pool.

Former Penn State guard Josh Reaves had a decision to make this year. He could either finish out his final year of eligibility with the Lions. Or, he could take his talents to the next level in the NBA to see if he’s worthy enough of getting a decent shot in the pros. Coming off of a Junior season where Reaves was named to the Big Ten All-Defensive Team, he created a nice buzz around his game.

Unfortunately for Reaves, his decision to gamble and enter the pros after his Junior season didn’t quite pay off the way he thought it would. Being a first-round pick wasn’t much of a realistic goal for Reaves. Instead, he was projected to be a late second-rounder. But the draft came and went, and Reaves wouldn’t find himself onto a team through the selection process.

It wouldn’t take long for the former Lions guard to find his next landing spot though. The Dallas Mavericks gave him a call, and Reaves wasted no time inking a deal to join them for the NBA Summer League. And once everybody on the East Coast woke up on Friday morning following the NBA Draft, they would soon find out that Reaves was joining the Mavericks.

So far, so good for Reaves’ NBA journey. As he’s fighting for a contract, the young rookie has been hitting his stride this offseason. He’s scoring on offense, and playing tough on defense, per usual. But his recent highlighted shot from a game against the Timberwolves has pretty much described how his summer is going in the NBA so far.

This summer, the Dallas Mavericks Twitter team has been having tons of fun with Josh Reaves highlights. And on Saturday night, Reaves might’ve given them the most exciting highlight of the Summer League so far– a halfcourt buzzer-beater. According to State College reporter Ben Jones, Reaves was no stranger to the half-court shot.

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He would spend at least five minutes before every game at Penn State shooting long-range shots just in case he ended up in a scenario such as the one on Saturday night. And guess what? Now it has paid off — just another highlight to add into Reaves’ NBA profile.

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