Former Penn State basketball player Andrew Jones lands a gig with the Sixers

Andrew Jones, former Penn State basketball player, and coach has made it back to Pennsylvania as he landed a new gig.

The Penn State basketball program is having a nice offseason for their former players. Lately, some NBA veterans who hailed from PSU landed in a new situation with a new team, while a young guy who is just joining the NBA found himself the first squad of his young career.

Along with names such as Tim Frazier, Tony Carr, and Josh Reaves, former Penn State hoops player Andrew Jones landed himself in a new situation. But with this one, Jones is looking to have some sort of development and coaching gig in the NBA, rather than playing.

Jones joined the Nittany Lions back in 2007-2008 as a redshirt freshman. The Philadelphia-born power forward was a three-star prospect, who was top ten in the state of Pennsylvania. He started in 118 of 134 games at Penn State.

While he was a stellar athlete on the men’s hoops team, his playing journey would not continue on in the NBA. Instead, Jones took the coaching route as he returned to Penn State in 2013 as a coaching assistant.

Eventually, Jones found his way to the NBA but remained in a coaching role. For the last few years, he’s been within the Oklahoma City Thunder’s program, but Jones is now on his way back home. But not to his college home, rather his actual hometown. According to’s Ben Jones, Andrew Jones will join the Philadelphia 76ers staff as a development coach.

While Jones is likely to be excited about getting an opportunity for his hometown team, the timing couldn’t be any better. Right now, the Eastern Conference in the NBA is wide open and open for taking. The Sixers, who are recognized as one of the Conference’s best right now have a grand opportunity in front of them — but it’s going to take some massive improvement by some of their young stars to get over the hump.

That’s where Jones comes in to play. As a development coach, he will be a critical addition to the staff this offseason and could find himself a larger role in the future if his “students” come out performing much better than they did in previous years.

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