Penn State Football: James Franklin San Diego State Week Press Conference Recap

It’s Tuesday, and that means Penn State head coach James Franklin was at his normal post inside of the Beaver Stadium media room. The coach was in good spirits after his team has won two-straight games. The most recent victory was a dominant performance in a primetime matchup with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. After recapping the game, Franklin moved on to preparations for San Diego State.

Beaver Stadium was rocking on Saturday night. Having all day to tailgate and the first ever “Stripe Out” made for an electric atmosphere.

Franklin made sure he praised the fans.

“I want to thank the fans. I had a chance to do that after the game, but want to do it again. From the moment we left the hotel, the fans were everywhere. Driving down the street, they’re pounding on the side of the bus. Monica, who is the officer who works with our program in terms of security on game day, she didn’t like it, but everybody else on the bus did. Pulling up in front of the stadium, fans everywhere, P.J. telling me he was driving around and it was just electric.”

Aside from the regular fans, Franklin made particular note of the student section.

“Get in the stadium, look up, the students are there in pregame, screaming and going crazy and supporting us. Focused on the warm-up, and next thing I know I look up in the stands and there is the stripe out. It’s already formed and really cool.”

A weekly tradition for Franklin is to announce Penn State’s players of the week, as voted on by the team. This week it was the entire offensive line on offense, true freshman cornerback John Reid on defense and punter Chris Gulla on special teams.

Below are a some of the highlights of the Franklin’s press conference. The entire transcript can be found on

On the Progress of the O-Line:

“Yeah, I think they’ve made real progress. Again, first week, don’t really want to talk about it anymore. Everybody knows the details of the first week. But I think, again, you think about how we’ve been able to run the ball and protect our quarterback the last two weeks.”

On the Passing Game: 

“We’re moving the pocket, we’re doing quick game. We’re not taking a whole lot of shots down the field where we have to hold on to the ball for a long period of time. It’s what I’ve been mentioning the past couple weeks, it’s going to evolve. We’ve shown that we’ve been able to do those things in the past. We’ve got the wide receivers to do it, we’ve got the tight ends to do it.”

On WR Geno Lewis:

“Geno’s doing great. Consistency, I think, is the fact with a lot of our guys at a number of positions. They show flashes of doing special things. They want to be able to do it more consistently. We want them to do it more consistently. So I think Geno’s in that conversation like a number of guys are.”