Penn State vs. Boston College: 5 Pinstripe Bowl Questions With Joe Micik of Soaring to Glory

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Sep 5, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Fans react during the first half at Alumni Stadium. Pitt won 30-20 over Boston College. Mandatory Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State vs. Boston College: Question #5

VBR: The Pinstripe Bowl is not considered one of the major bowl games. With that being said, there is a lot of interest in this game, as ticket prices are currently among some of the highest of all the bowl games this season. Given the proximity to Boston, are fans excited and are you expecting a large turnout of BC fans inside of Yankee Stadium?

JM: This is the bowl most of us wanted.  Yeah, we might have liked the Orange Bowl or the Playoff a lot more, but realistically speaking, we were going to get one of the “minor” bowls and given the choice, the vast majority of Eagles fans wanted the Pinstripe.  In fact, in a poll we took, the Pinstripe Bowl carried 74 percent of the vote.  There was a lot of agreement amongst us that this was the best fit.

We have all heard that Penn State sold out their allotment quickly, and Boston College is going to have a good contingent there as well.  I am of the understanding that we are going to sell out ours as well, but this sort of news is not as easily obtainable from Boston College’s athletic department.  I do happen to know that a large number of local alumni will be there.  I used to be a tri-state area alum until I moved back to Boston, and will be going with a large group of donors from New England on the 27th.  It should be a great atmosphere in the Bronx.

The proximity was the key factor in why we wanted it.  We have never played a bowl game this close to our campus, and it is a chance for us to show that yes, Eagles fans are capable of traveling.  Our fanbase has a reputation for not traveling, and of course, last year’s bowl game was a clear example — who was going to Shreveport, anyway?  New York City is much more doable and we have a huge alumni base there.

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