VBR Against The Spread-Week 4

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Depending on which of the VBR forecasters you talk to this week, you will get two distinct answers on how Week 3 treated them.  For Tim and Corey, last week’s games gave them their first weekend over .500 with three wins each.  Matt continued his up and down season with a 1-4 week, and Craig continued his struggles with a 1-4 mark as well.  For the season, Tim holds a slim lead at 6-9, while Matt and Corey sit at 5-10 and Craig brings up the rear at 2-13 (ouch!). Here is last week’s report:

USC (-10) 14 at Stanford 21

Matt – USC (L)

Tim – USC (L)

Craig – USC (L)

Corey – Stanford (W)

Florida 37 at Tennessee (-2.5) 20

Matt – Florida (W)

Tim – Florida (W)

Craig – Florida (W)

Corey – Tennessee (L)

Notre Dame 20 at Michigan State (-3.5) 3

Matt – Michigan State (L)

Tim – Notre Dame (W)

Craig – Michigan State (L)

Corey – Michigan State (L)

Virginia Tech (-12) 17 at Pitt 35

Matt – Virginia Tech (L)

Tim – Virginia Tech (L)

Craig – Virginia Tech (L)

Corey – Pitt (W)

Texas (-10.5) 66 at Ole Miss 31

Matt – Ole Miss (L)

Tim – Texas (W)

Craig – Ole Miss (L)

Corey – Texas (W)

This week’s lines are as of Monday evening.  Onto the games!