VBR Against The Spread-Week 1

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We made it!  In just a few short hours, the off season ends, and we begin the greatest 4 months of the year, college football season!  While it may not be the best part of the season, I’ve always enjoyed keeping my eye on point spreads, and maybe putting a little money on a few games.  We found a few others on the staff here at Victory Bell Rings that feel the same way.  Starting this week and continuing through the season, we will feature five games from around the country, our picks in each one, and maybe a little analysis.  Of course, this is for entertainment purposes only, and the staff of VBR is not responsible for any financial losses.  However, we will gladly accept credit for all winnings, and of course a cut of the profit!

Just a reminder: The spreads for each game were as of Tuesday morning.