NCAA 13 Big Ten Player Ratings: Overrated/Underrated


EA Sports NCAA 2013 video game was released Tuesday and, as always, their experts have dropped the ball on a few players. Let’s take a look at some of the players that really stuck out to me.

Penn State:


Gerald Hodges – 87 overall with 80 speed. Guy is an All-Conference player and All-American candidate. Plus he’s fast.
Jordan Hill – 84 overall. Come on now.
Bill Belton– 77 with 88 speed. He might have some things to prove at RB, but he’s faster than an 88!


Glenn Carson–  88 overall with 80 speed. That would be fine…but it’s better than Hodges, which Carson is not.
Justin Brown– 85 overall with 93 speed. 93 speed huh? 94 acceleration? Good for him!
Devon Smith– I guess it makes up for his slight as speed the last couple years, but 83 overall with 94 speed feels too high. Plus, he’s not on the team…

Note: Why are hardly any of the freshman on the team? I fully intended on starting Steven Bench. No joke.

Around the Big Ten:

Denard Robinson (UM)- 93 overall with 96 speed but only 90 acceleration. I know it’s good and he has some throwing issues, but he’s generally the best player on the field.
LeVeon Bell (MSU)- 90 overall with 87 speed. Anytime a guy is a “power back”, EA will take from his speed. Kid is a beast.
Taylor Martinez (Neb)- 87 overall with 84 speed. It’s not pretty, but he’s better and faster than that.

Carlos Hyde (OSU)- 86 overall. Not terribly high, except that Jordan Hall is also an 86 and Hyde is not nearly as good.
Jake Stoneburner (OSU)- 90 overall with 86 speed…Guy is coming off of a 14 catch season, I believe.
Braxton Miller (OSU)- 84 with 89 speed. I guess that’s not bad…but he did complete just TWO passes against Illinois last year.
Andrew Maxwell (MSU)- Maxwell might be a fine quarterback but an 86 overall without a start under his belt seems a bit much.
Kain Colter (NW)- 86 overall with 87 speed for a quarterback who played RB/WR last year…