Farewell to a Special Senior Class: Chaz Powell

When I was sorting through quotes from the media day, I was struck by the maturity of some of the seniors. That got me thinking about what this particular class has been through and inspired this series.

Chaz Powell was recruited out of Glen Rock PA as a safety, but while at Penn State, he played much more than that. Knowing what we know now, it’s surprising that he wasn’t recruited as an athlete, because that is the best word to describe him. In his five years at Penn State, he transformed from a 6’1” 185 boy into the 210 lb, hard nosed, afro-bearing, team player that he is today.
After enrolling at Penn State, he spent only his redshirt season at safety. Powell was a wideout the next two years, starting much of 2009 in the slot. He was on the receiving end of the opening-play bomb against Iowa at home in the rain, for those of you who remember obscure plays from random games…The coaching staff shifted him to corner during spring practice in 2010. He returned to wide receiver at the start of last season, but wasn’t seeing much playing time so he moved back…back…back to the secondary prior to the Minnesota game. At that point, he had played Safety, WR, CB, WR, CB…Oh, and he returned kicks in 2010-11. Through all of his position changes, he remained humble and said all the right things. He just wanted to help the team. After starting five games a year ago at cornerback, he spent this entire season with the 1st stringers in his corner position where he helped a senior-laden secondary form one of the most formidable passing defenses in the conference.
Chaz will enter the NFL draft as a CB and may get a late-round nod based on his potential and special teams ability. It’s my personal opinion that if he had been able to stay at WR for four years, he may have flourished and could be in a better position, as far as a pro career. Regardless, his team needed him at corner (WR, CB, WR…), so he obliged.

Tomorrow’s Senior- Drew Astorino

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