Penn State Football Recruiting: 9/7/11 *Updated 4:00 PM Sept. 9th*


As you should know by now, it’s Alabama week.  Not only a very important week for the players, but also for the future players…the recruits.  Every year, you have a certain game that attracts all the visitors: Notre Dame ’07 or Michigan ’10, for examples.  Well, Alabama ’11 is shaping up to be another huge recruiting weekend for the 2012 recruits and the 2013 recruits.  Let’s get right into it…

2012 Penn State Commits Visiting for Alabama

-LB Cam Williams

-CB Armani Reeves

-OL Anthony Stanko

-WR Eugene Lewis

-DB Jake Kiley

-FB/TE/DE JP Holtz

-CB Malik Golden

-DE/TE Brent Wilkerson

-DT Austin Johnson

-TE Jesse James

-DT Tommy Schutt

-LB Nyeem Wartman

A really good group coming up.  There was a scare earlier in the week, as Cam Williams’ tweeted that he wasn’t going to be able to make it.  Luckily, he found a ride and will indeed be coming.  Honestly, to say Cam will work the other recruits hard, would be an understatement.  If anyone shows up to the game early and sees the recruits, make sure you give Cam a warm welcome and a “Thank You”.  Certainly one impressive “recruiter” for this class.

2012 Penn State Recruits visiting (uncommitted)

-TE Kent Taylor: Sounds like this will be the OV, and him coming up for the Nebraska Game is in doubt.  Not a positive, but you can’t take too much from it.  Still PSU vs Florida.

-DT Jamil Pollard: The ex-commit.  Still in contact and is visiting so I’m guessing this shows PSU is still clearly interested in him if he improves his grades.  Make no mistake, he’ll be a Nittany Lion if his grades improve.  Hopefully, they do.

Also, I don’t want it to sound like I’m putting down Pollard.  One of his coaches is on a PSU message board and really just says the guy is a great person, just has a problem with his studies.  Similar to a recruit a few years back…Mr. Darryl Clark.

-DT Korren Kirven: 6’4 270 DT from Va.  Always said he was going to visit Penn State, but never did.  Now, will take a visit for the Bama Game.  Many will say this is a recruit who is just looking to see a good game for free.  Possibly true, but getting them on campus is never a bad thing.  AJ Wallace visited PSU in a similar light so it goes to show you anything can happen.

Only problem with the “He wants to see the game for free” theory…this is probably going to be an unofficial visit.  Paying his own way.  Not that I think Kirven ends up here, but I’ll say his interest is very true and real.  Seems like the Dad is the conductor here in regards to the new found PSU interest.

-DB Bam Bradley: Another guy who was rarely talked about early on, and now Penn State is turning up the heat.  I talked about him enough last week though.  This will be an OV.

-WR/QB Devin Fuller: Should be cutting his list from 11 to 5 or so sometime in the next few days.  Nebraska, PSU, and Rutgers seem to be the main players here.  UCLA being a dark horse.  He’ll be unofficially visiting, still keeping the “PSU OV” in his back pocket.

-RB William Mahone: Nothing new here.  PSU this weekend, unofficial because he has ACT’s Saturday (will get to the game late).  Notre Dame next weekend, guessing official.  I’m going back and forth with PSU or ND here, and now I’m back at 50/050.  Really don’t think either has an advantage.

-WR/TE Canaan Severin: Decision should be coming soon.  Pretty much BC vs PSU.  I’d say BC has a slight advantage because of where he’ll play in the offense, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up at PSU either.

-DB Jordan Lucas: Under the radar prospect.  Was actually apart of last year’s class, but decided to go to prep school to get more offers.  6’1 185, 4.59 40, and 4.1 shuttle…all very solid numbers.  Goes to the same school as Severin, and will be visiting with him.  PSU is recruiting him, but no offer yet.

-RB Bri’onte Dunn: Some rumors he may go see the Michigan game instead, but that remains to be seen.  PSU is 3rd in this race to OSU and Michigan.  Thinking Dunn wants to see a big time game, but it doesn’t hurt to have him on campus again.

-WR/WB Joel Caleb: PSU is probably in his Top 5 or so, but are way behind Va Tech and Georgia here.  Still, a great visit can go a long way.

-DB Demetrious Cox: Has had PSU the leader the whole way through.  If one guy does verbal, it’s him.  I think the only problem is that MSU is going after him hard.  They seem to be telling him he can play ever position…DB, WR, Wildcat, etc.

-LB Quanzell Lambert: LB that PSU stopped recruiting a while back.  Visiting with some teammates, plans to talk to the coaches.  Obviously, interest is there on Lambert’s part.  Personally, I think he ends up a DE, especially in PSU’s system.  Doesn’t have the flexible hips to play pass coverage.

-DB Wayne Capers: 6’1 200 from PA.  Flying under the radar, as he has had a problem with staying healthy.  Claims a PSU offer, but the legitimacy of that is in question.  Either way, if he can stay healthy this season a few more offers will definitely swing his way.

Akeel Lynch was suppose to visit, but has a game that day.  He’ll still visit Penn State, and now Arkansas is starting to show interest.  He’s about as soft a commitment as you can be to BC.

Noah Spence may visit, but it doesn’t look likely.  Has a game at 10:30 AM so it would be cutting it close.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped by though.

2013 Penn State Recruits Visiting

*Just as a side note, many of these guys claim offers but that doesn’t mean all that much in regards to PSU.  Breneman doesn’t have one, but he’s probably one of PSU’s top targets for next year.  Sometimes with recruits it’s all about how they take “we will offer you”.  Just thought I’d point that out.

-TE Adam Breneman: 6’5 225 from PA.  One of the most impressive TE prospects in quite some time, to come out of PA at least.  Although he hasn’t said it, I’m confident PSU is the leader here.  Doesn’t have an “offer”, but PSU clearly wants him.

-LB Buddy Brown: 6’3 200 from NJ.  Very impressive looking LB.  Has a few local offers, and will end up being a big time recruit.

-RB Derrick Green: 6’0 215 from VA.  From a physical stand point, not many compare.  Already looks like an NFL back, and has good speed to go with it.  Claims to be an Ohio State fan, but I believe this will be his second visit to Penn State already.

-QB Ryan Burns: 6’5 220 from VA.  One of the best QB prospects for the 2013 class.  Looks like a TE, and lit up the camp scene this spring/summer.  Pure Pro-Style QB.  Has already visited PSU before so good to see him come back up for a game.

-LB Ben Gedeon: 6’3 215 from OH.  Another really good prospect, this time another LB.  Has been up to PSU a few times before for camps, but this will be his first visit for a game.  Seems like a good old fashion PSU vs Michigan vs Ohio State vs Notre Dame battle for this guy.

-WR Ryan Switzer: 5’10 175 from WV.  Switzer actually said a month or two back, after the PSU camp, that if PSU offered he would commit.  He backed off those comments, but does claim a PSU offer.  Went down to the FSU camp, and did very well.  He may be a small kid from WV, but did very well on the camp scene.  Very, very fast.  As for his visit, I believe this is his first game.  Not sure if 2013 kids can verbal yet (More so if PSU will accept on this early), but wouldn’t be surprised to see him be the first one for the 2013 class…whenever that may be

-QB Damion Terry: 6’4 210 from PA.  Very good QB prospect.  Burns is the Pro-Style guy, whereas Terry is the Dual-Threat guy.  He’s big and he can move, just a really good athlete.  Although he is raw, his potential looks to be through the ceiling.

-OL Steve Mathie: 6’5 270 from OH.  Plays with Dunn, and also grew up a OSU fan.  Wants to major in Meteorology, and PSU’s school for that is what sparked the interest.  Should be a really OL prospect.

-QB Thomas Woodson: 6’2 190 from PA.  Dual-Threat QB.  Not sure the 6’2 is legit, but looks like a good player.  Would fit well in a spread system.  Cousin of Paul Jones.

-OL Brad Henson: 6’5 275 from NJ.  Has a few other offers from BC and Rutgers.  Should be a pretty big recruit in the Northeast.

-WR Devin Wilson: 6’3 185 from PA.  Two sport athlete getting interest in basketball too.

-DE Dajaun Drennon: 6’4 225 from NJ.  From a really good football school named Timber Creek (Lambert’s school).  Claims a PSU offer.

-DT Greg Webb: 6’2 290 from NJ.  Also from Timber Creek.  Should be a national recruit from the looks of his tape.

-DB/WR/LB Delando Johnson: 6’2 190 from MD.  Goes to Calvert Hall, where Adrian Amos played.  Very good athlete.

-OT Patrick Kugler: 6’5 270 from PA.  Dad coaches the Steelers and brother goes to Purdue.  Will no doubt be a national recruit, if he chooses to pursue school far away.

-DE Garrett Sickels: 6’4 225 from NJ.  Another very good DE from NJ.  Has offers from Florida and Georgia to name a few.

Some very, very good talent on hand from both classes.