Penn State 2012 Recruiting


I’m back!  I just wanted to get something brief out so everyone knows who I’m talking about when I do the weekly updates.  Sorry for not being around.  Have been swamped with school and no I’ve just been lazy.  But I’ll be back writing full time.


Skyler Mornhinweg – 6’3 190 (Philadelphia, PA)

-Son of Eagles OC, Marty.  Committed to Stanford back when Harbaugh was there, but decided to take it back and is now looking around.  Has visited PSU, and says PSU is up there in his top.  Stanford and Tennessee are two other teams to look for.


Williams Mahone – 5’11 205 (Austintown, OH)

-Prototypical PSU back.  Tough runner, but also has good speed.  Looks like a Pitt/PSU battle, with ND and MSU also having a shot.  He has teammates that could be headed to Pitt, but it remains to be seen if he is serious about playing with them.  A decision could happen this summer, and actually probably will.

Drew Harris – 6’2 195 (Exton, PA)

-Another RB who fits in our system.  Big power back, who also has good speed.  PSU recruited him early on, but he wasn’t feeling them.  They decided to turn up the heat, and now he’ll be visiting in the next week.  Va Tech and Pitt are the other two making a run.  No relation to Aaron Harris (PSU FB in the 90s), as once believed.

Akeel Lynch – 6’0 205 (Athol Springs, NY)

-Camp offer RB, but good looking.  Has good size mixed with good speed (10.6 100…Devon Smith ran a 10.42).  Rashard Mendenhall was a decent comparison.  Will pick between PSU and BC by the end of the summer.  PSU wants to take 2 RBs so this won’t affect the guys above, if Lynch does end up here.  He’s also Canadian.

Bri’onte Dunn – 6’2 215 (Canton, OH)

-OSU commit, but is pretty shaky if you ask me.  Visited Michigan, and is also getting recruited hard by PSU and Miami.  He says he’ll visit both schools, but that remains to be seen.  Just a name to keep an eye on.


Eugene Lewis – 6’2 181 (Plymouth, PA)

-Good looking, athletic WR.  Has pretty long arms as well, combined with good speed.  Down to PSU, Pitt, Maryland, Oregon, and Va Tech.  Has stated that PSU does have a lead.  Could decide be fore the season, but could also wait and take visits.  If PSU doesn’t land him, something is wrong.

Canaan Severin – 6’3 215 (Worcester, MA)

-Big bodied WR, who is surprisingly taking him with the process.  In April, it seemed like he would commit to PSU very soon, but now it seems as though he’ll take visits.  PSU, Iowa, and BC are the main players for him.


Brent Wilkerson – 6’4 245 (DeMatha, MD)

-Committed to Penn State.  Could play DE also.

Jesse James – 6’7 245 (McKeesport, PA)

-Committed to Penn State.

Kent Taylor – 6’5 220 (Land O’ Lakes, FL)

-Big PSU fan.  He wore PSU stuff to the Outback Bowl, and is always seen wearing Flyers and Phillies apparel.  FSU was viewed as the leader, but they took another TE instead and now seem like they will no longer be recruiting Taylor.  Taylor has a top 5 of PSU, UF, Bama, Georgia, and LSU.  He said he wants to go to the PSU/Bama game, whether on an official (paid for by PSU) or on an unofficial (paid for by his family).


Anthony Stanko – 6’5 280 (Warren, OH)

-PSU’s first commit.  Has lost 20-30 pounds since the season ended to lose some of the fat.  Hard working and nasty.  Probably an OG.

JJ Denman – 6’6 300 (Fairless Hills, PA)

-Actually was recruited to PSU by Chris Muller who is now at Rutgers (PSU wanted Muller at RG while Rutgers said he could play LT).  Denman will probably be a RT.

Joey O’Connor – 6’4 280 (Windsor, CO)

-PSU’s latest commit.  Just nasty film.  Another hard working, strong, nasty kid.  Had offers from most of the Pac-12, but chose PSU.  Another OG.


Jarron Jones – 6’6 300 (Rochester, NY)

-If you follow me on twitter (@itspatrickh) you would know Jones de-committed from PSU following a visit to our favorite school…Notre Dame.  Said he de-committed because he doesn’t want to play PSU, PSU was upset with him but will continue to recruit him.  Conflicting reports, but it sounds like he’ll visit this summer.  He wants to make a decision before the season, but yet wants to visit Va Tech during the season.  This would also mean no ND visit, which would be surprising.  Just my opinion…this won’t be solved until after the season.  I would say ND, PSU, Va Tech in that order.  PSU needs to make up some ground, but it certainly is plausible he ends up here…again.  Could play DE in the 4-3 or 3-4, and could play OT.  He’s a freak athlete.

Jamil Pollard – 6’5 280 (Westville, NJ)

-Committed to PSU back in April.  Recruited for DT, but can also play OL.  This is a theme with most of the DT recruits.

Brian Gaia – 6’3 285 (Baltimore, MD)

-Hails from the MD powerhouse known as Gilman.  Has a college ready physique.  Was recruited by every other school to play OG

Derek Dowrey – 6’3 280 (Winchester, VA)

-If you follow me on twitter, you saw me complaining about this but it was my overreaction.  Dowrey is a hard working kid, agile for his size, and…can also play OL.

Austin Johnson – 6’4 275 (Richland, NJ)

-Pretty athletic DT…LJ SR loves these types.  Guess what?  Can also play OL.

Tommy Schutt – 6’3 290 (Glen Ellyn, IL)

-Has been very quiet throughout his recruitment.  Reportedly, he is down to OSU, ND, and PSU.  He has visited PSU yet, but should be sometime this summer.  Grew up a PSU fan, but other than that, he is a complete mystery.

Faith Ekakitie – 6’3 280 (Lake Forest, IL)

-Is from Canada.  Was always naming PSU in articles, but in the latest he didn’t mention them.  Not sure if we are still recruiting him.  I know we where suppose to get a visit, but not sure now.  Only time will tell.


Noah Spence – 6’4 240 (Harrisburg, PA)

-Well, the biggest recruit PSU has recruited since Pryor.  Similar to Pryor, except Spence is a superior human being (Had to knock Pryor somewhere).  Seriously, Spence is a big time recruit with offers from everywhere.  But PSU’s biggest competition?  Maryland, who also have his best friend Brock Dean.  Spence won’t decide until the Under Armour AA Game.  Seems like a PSU/MD battle.


Camren Williams – 6’2 210 (West Roxbery, MA)

-Pretty much PSU’s best recruiter.  The guy is Silas Redd 2.0.

Nyeem Wartman – 6’2 230 (Archbald, PA)

-PSU Lock.  Visiting for LFL, and deciding on July 22nd.  Both him and Williams can play Inside or Outside.


Armani Reeves – 5’11 180 (West Roxbery, MA)

-Big time CB recruit.  PSU/ND battle with PSU having the lead.  Best friends with Camren Williams.  Will be a shocker if he doesn’t end up at PSU.

Jarrod Wilson – 6’2 190 (Akron, OH)

-Another guy that has been quiet with the media.  Down to Michigan, PSU, and ND.  Will be deciding tomorrow, July 8th.  Michigan is seemingly the destination, but who knows?

Demtrious Cox – 6’1 185 (Jeannette, PA)

-Hails from Pryor Country.  Does have an OSU offer, and they seem to be PSU”s stiffest competition.  Would be a pretty big get for PSU since they are starving for DBs.

Malik Golden – 6’1 190 (Chesire, CT)

-Another camp offer.  Will be deciding soon between PSU, Iowa, and BC.  PSU seems like the leader here.