“BEAT ZONE” and more rivalry discussion

With the student section moving from the southeast corner of Beaver Stadium to the south sections behind the endzone, the Blue and White Society has decided to add some pizazz to the old “S Zone” for select home games in 2011. For home games versus Alabama, Nebraska and another opponent TBD, the “S Zone” will be flanked on either side by the new and incredible “BEAT ZONE.”

In the example from the Blue and White Society, the big “S” is right above the tunnel in the south endzone. On one side of the “S” is spelled out “BEAT” and on the other side, “BAMA.” For the game against the Tide, it is easy to make the “BEAT ZONE” symmetrical in nature, but I’m unsure if this will be the case for the Nebraska game. They might need to make the right side a little longer if they don’t want to spell out something awkward like “BEAT CORN” or “BEAT NEBR.”

I’m not too high on this development, since I’m all about keeping gameday all about Penn State and less about the opponent, BUT… if this means that more students are blessed with free t-shirts, then it can’t really be a bad thing, can it?

More on PSU vs. Pitt

Joe McIntyre of the Daily Collegian attempts to drop another turd into the rivalry punch bowl:

It’s the rivalry of our parents and our grandparents, not this generation of students. The incoming freshmen in 2016 will have been around two years old the last time the so-called rivals played each other. Not exactly old enough to remember the game even if they happened to be plopped in front of the TV watching it.

But then in the next paragraph:

There will be animosity in the stands, though. There’s no doubt about that. Students of both schools will be taunting opposition and wearing all sorts of crazy attire. It’ll be a fun atmosphere for sure, but it won’t be the same.

Animosity? Taunting? Atmosphere? That’s what makes it a rivalry! At least that’s what makes it good enough for me. Those intangible things make this series different than PSU scheduling “just another” non-SEC opponent. It’s going to be more fun than Temple. Trust me.

Joe McIntyre has higher standards than me, however. He longs for the days when PSU and Pitt played on the last day of the season and fought for the dubious title of “best team in the East.”

That’s fine. I’ll admit the game won’t mean as much as it did back when it was the last game of the season and QBs like Dan Marino actually stayed in western Pennsylvania. But for me, a rivalry is about all that animosity and taunting and atmosphere all for a game that might not matter. Fans will always be excited about a game with a Rose Bowl bid on the line, but when Pitt and Penn State play, fans will be excited just because it’s Pitt versus Penn State. And that’s why this series is a good idea. Even if the class of 2016 were six years old in the year 2000.

More News

Penn State defensive end recruit Shawn Oakman talked to philly.com’s Tim Rohan about his Philly football pride and the anticipation of tonight’s Big 33 game in Hershey. Oakman’s attitude towards the other regions of Pennsylvania seem to mirror what is felt in a standard East Halls dormitory:

“I know everybody from Philly, so we’re all cool,” Oakman said. “Just making fun of those Pittsburgh guys. Making fun of them Harrisburg guys.”

Of course, East Halls is a little different, because all the in-state kids can band together and make fun of the Jersey kids.

Off Tackle Empire warns the rest of the Big Ten about the amazing obnoxious Nebraska fans that are about to storm our college towns.

By my calculation, only Michigan and Ohio State have more national titles than Nebraska. Sorry, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan State, but they probably don’t recognize ancient titles such as yours. As such, the phrase “we have five national titles” will be considered a perfectly valid answer to anything negative you say about Nebraska, even if it leaves you with a blank look on your face, wondering what the hell that has to do with anything.

I’m probably not the only one still pissed off about 1994, so this is a reminder for all of you wishing to defend Ki-Jana and Kerry’s honor when the Huskers come to town: Prepare for battle.

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