Quick Hit: Larry Brown And Penn State

In a radio interview this afternoon on the Philadelphia radio station 97.5 The Fanatic, former NBA coach and future Hall Of Famer Larry Brown hinted that interviewing for the Penn State coaching position wasn’t out of the question. Brown had been asked once before if he was interested in the job while DeChellis was still coaching to which Brown responded “Well they already have a coach”.

With DeChellis out of the picture, Brown was once again approached with the question to which after some laughter Brown responded: “If you set it (The interview) up, I’ll be there”

The debate will go on for the next few days regarding Brown’s level of sincerity on the topic, as he was undoubtedly more excited to talk about the NBA playoffs than Penn State basketball. But either way, without a clear-cut “No” Penn State basketball fans will cross their fingers hoping that Brown wants to take one last ride into the sunset before truly calling it quits.

Certainly this doesn’t mean Brown is taking a taxi from his home in Philadelphia to Happy Valley tonight. What is even more likely is that he would want too much money, coach for only a few years, and retire around the age of 75. For Brown, it would be a lot of work, possibly for less money than usual, and at a time in his life he very well would rather enjoy around the NBA. While his possible interest in the opening is a ray of hope for Penn State basketball fans, it is far from happening right now.

In the end, Larry Brown’s alleged, or real interest in Penn State is exciting but not necessarily a solution to the problem. While hiring Brown would immediately elevate the program to the national spotlight, it is not necessarily a sign of long-term success. Penn State will be much better off finding a younger coach to build the program around. It may not be quite as flashy, but it could lead to better results.

All of this of course being irrelevant if Penn State goes for an Alumni hire or in house promotions.