Penn State Recruiting: QBs, RB, & WRs.


QB – PSU will definitely take one.  Maybe two.  I will say though, I’m not enamored with any QB.  But, a big time 2013 QB (6’5 220 Ryan Burns from VA) has already visited, and seems to really like PSU.  Overall, 2013 just looks like a stronger year.  But, enough of 2013.

Brendan Nosovitch (6’1 200 from PA) – A dual-threat QB, reminds many of Northwestern QB Dan Persa.  Big fan of PSU, but South Carolina is on him, and has offered (Along with Rutgers).  No PSU offer (to any QB by the way), but like I said, a big fan.  Funky deliver, not a strong arm, but is a tough runner that will get stronger in college.  Guy is a gamer who put up ridiculous stats in route to a State Title.

Brian Blackburn (6’5 210 from MI) – Another dual-threat guy.  Has a very weird throwing motion, will need a lot of work.  Runs a bit to upright at times.  A project really.  Only has a Central Michigan offer.  PSU is looking at him as well.

Skyler Mornhinweg (6’3 210 from PA) – Son of Eagles’ Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.  Was committed to Stanford, but after Harbaugh got fired, he decided to look around.  Penn State, among others, has been visiting his school.  He’s probably the highest rated of the QBs.

Perry Hills (6’3 205 from PA) – Plays for Pitt Central Catholic.  Solid looking QB.  Strong arm, big body, good mechanics…just an all-around solid player.  Has been wrestling the last few months so he is hitting the camp scene now.  A name to look out for.

RB – I see no way that Penn State doesn’t take two.  Looking really good for one, but iffy on the others.  A new group of offers is going out, but we’ll wait to see what the interest is there.

William Mahone (5’11 200 from OH) – A bigger back, but has good speed for his size as well.  Focusing on BC, Cinci, MSU, Pitt, WVU, and PSU.  Most think PSU is the team to beat, with MSU following.  PSU is in really good position here, no doubt about it.

Greg Garmon (6’1 190 from PA) – Exploded onto the recruiting scene after having a fantastic 40 time in the Alamo Dome, a historically slow track.  Has offers from up and down the northeast.  Has UNC as his leader, with PSU and Michigan following.  Trying to narrow it down to 5.  Florida State may be a player here too.  Ask one person, and they’ll say Garmon will end up at PSU.  Ask another, and he’ll tell you he is going south.  I’m leaning towards the latter, but still a lot of time left.

Drew Harris (6’2 190 from PA) – Not looking so hot for Penn State.  Likes Pitt and Va Tech.  Penn State is still going after him, but it isn’t looking good.

PSU will almost surely take 2 RBs.  They’ll looking at a few other guys, but nothing looks like it is sticking at this point.

WR – Two, three at the most.

Eugene Lewis (6’2 185 from PA) – Has a boatload of offers, but looking like South Carolina, Va Tech, Pitt and PSU are the main players here.  Penn State seems to be the leader, and most are confident saying that.  He’s visited quite a few times too.  Really good looking WR…good height, very long arms, good build, good route runner, not a burner but has speed.  Just a really good athlete.  Feeling very good about Penn State here.

Canaan Severin (6’3 215 from MA) – Big bodied WR, could probably play the Brackett role if he gained more weight.  Either way, a load at WR.  Above-average speed for his size.  Seems like the other major player here is Boston College, but Camren Williams is working him (Williams is actually working everyone).  Most are confident Severin ends up in Blue and White.

Joel Caleb (6’3 200 from VA) – Big time prospect, and would also be one hell of a safety.  He wants to play WR though.  Has offers from Florida State, Va Tech, Florida Georgia, Ohio State, among others.  Sounds like Va Tech leads, but he’s visited PSU quite a few times in the past.  We are sitting decent here…but I’ll be surprised if he ends up at any place other than Va Tech.

Ian Thomas (6’1 190 from MD) – Penn State is wishy-washy here.  On one hand, Thomas said PSU isn’t really talking to him, but they visited his school in the last few weeks.  A question mark at this point, but I still wouldn’t feel to good about Thomas and PSU.

Deontay McManus (6’1 215 from MD) – He wants to play in a big time passing offense.  His favorite is WVU, a place where many of his friends are offered too.  The thing every analyst says about McManus?  That he would be a great LB.  He can be a very good WR, but he already has the build of a LB.  Anyway, I wouldn’t hold my breathe with McManus.

Corey Smith (6’0 180 from OH) – Has PSU in his Top 5.  Along with Notre Dame, Illinois, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  He’s a package deal with teammate Jarrod Wilson (DB).  Personally, I think he ends up at Tennessee, but PSU has as good a shot as anyone.

Davonte Neal (5’10 175 from AZ) – National prospect.  He liked PSU a long time ago, and still says he is visiting for camp.  We’ll see though.  Just a name to keep out for.

Anthony Nash (6’6 175 from PA) – No offer, but is getting a good look from PSU.  Started playing football this year, and looked pretty good.  Good speed, very athletic, but he is very raw.  I don’t know if we’ll offer him because we are taking 3 WRs at the most (Probably two) but a name to look out for.

Trevor Williams (6’2 190 from MD) – Good looking WR from MD, but may get looked at as a DB too.  He really likes Penn State, but doesn’t have an offer.  In fact, he has no offers, which is pretty shocking.  Good size, can play WR or DB.  I wouldn’t mind a PSU offer as a DB, but I’ll list his as a WR.  Another name to watch.

That’s it for one article.  TEs and OLs coming tomorrow.