Taran Buie Headed Out Of Penn State

While this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone following Penn State basketball, suspended guard Taran Buie was released from his scholarship in order than he could seek transfer today. At this point Buie’s saga at Penn State has been extensively documented, but for those of you just tuning in Taran was suspended indefinitely early in the Nittany Lion’s season and had not practice or traveled with the team since. While the reasoning behind this suspension was never explained outside of “Infraction of Team Rules” it seems reasonable that Buie’s two citations and questionable classroom performances had something to do with his disappearance from the program.

Sources close to the situation have confirmed that Buie will not be applying to Senia or Iowa State. Senia with strong AAU ties was a popular guess amongst hoops fans, while Iowa State was an obvious choice after 3 different Big Ten players transferred there over the past year and a half. Most notibly former Penn Stater Chris Babb.

For Penn State this will leave open 2 scholarships for the 2012 recruiting class. In theory Penn State could pick up a Junior College transfer to come in for the 2011 season ala Stanley Pringle, but in all likelihood that won’t happen. This seems even more likely after Penn State rejected Anthony Hubbard’s application, one of the few Junior College players with interest in the Nittany Lion program. While Hubbard’s legal issues may have been the motivation behind his rejection the end result for Penn State remains 2 scholarships to use for the immediate future.

The debate will continue as to Buie’s importance for the future of the program, and while his rankings and stars made him out to be a key player in the program’s development, between a somewhat underwhelming showing on the floor along with off the court troubles it may be in both parties interest to part ways.

While we’ve expressed some frustration with Buie over the past year on the site, we only wish him the best in his future and hope that he finds  himself in a situation more beneficial to his future. That being said, if he ends up at Michigan all bets are off.