Talor Battle, Lebron James’ Co-Worker

The start of the NBA free agency period isn’t usually the time that you would expect college players to get to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the game. That hasn’t kept Talor Battle out of the mix who has already completed his stay at the Deron Williams Nike Camp which included some 5-5 basketball against some of the best players in the nation.

..Saturday was the final day of the Williams-Stoudamire camps, which for the college guys meant one thing: Two courts, four teams, 5-on-5 with point guards and forwards combined. One court had McCamey teaming up with Morris, Penn State guard Talor Battle and Washington guard Isaiah Thomas. You get the point. It was, essentially, a college basketball all-star game — two all-star games, actually — played out only for the benefit of the players themselves, their camp coaches, the NBA scouts in the audience, and yours truly. (And Nike, too, I guess, which was unsurprisingly ubiquitous in the gym.) Pretty sweet, right?..

After all of the drama surrounding NBA workouts, it was a great opportunity for Talor to just play against the best. No relay races, no sprints, just let them see how you play on the court. As we all already knew, Talor is going to hold his own with anybody, and that has payed off.

A source inside Battle’s camp has confirmed that within the past 48 hours Battle was invited to work as staff at this years Lebron James Camp, a camp held for the Top 80 High School players in the nation. This is a camp well known by the Battle household since Taran Buie played at the camp last summer. When asked about the invitation–

Yes your camp performance determines if you are invited to the Lebron Camp.  He was called last night.  He has been working extremely hard this summer.  I am very proud of his work ethic even though I have only seen him maybe 5 times total. He is ready for this season and looks forward to getting this team to make some noise.