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Report: James Fanklin’s Contract with Penn State Will be Finalized on Saturday

With media reports swirling on Thursday that James Franklin had been hired, or about to be hired, by Penn State, there was actually no official announcement by Franklin or Penn State. The latest news is that a deal is in fact in place between the two schools, and the official contract is set to be finalized on Saturday. According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, everything will be done soon.

Reportedly, the compensation committee, part of the Penn State Board of Trustees, will meet Saturday morning to approve a contract. While sources close have said the contract being approved is indeed that of the next football coach, there has been no confirmation as too who the new coach will be.

Franklin’s name was one of the first mentioned as a replacement coach once former head coach Bill O’Brien left to coach the Houston Texans in the NFL. He was also rumored to be the target of several NFL teams.

For the last three seasons, Franklin has been the head coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores. He turned that program around and made the team competitive in the tough SEC conference.

While nothing is official as of yet, with this latest news, an announcement on Franklin’s hiring seems to be imminent. Stay tuned to VBR for the latest news.

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  • Michael Lanich

    If James Franklin does indeed become the 16th head coach of Penn State, I personally will be thrilled. I know others have had their hearts set on Golden, or Munchak, but the idea that we need a “Penn State guy” is overrated. We needed someone innovative two years ago and we got that in O’Brien.

    Now we are getting Franklin who appears to be a great offensive coach as well as a recruiting whiz and someone I think other coaches are going to fear on the recruiting trail in the coming years.

    The ONLY thing I worry about is what other Penn State fans worry about; that after a couple of years he will head off to the NFL. However, I wonder after getting burned by O’Brien, if Joyner and co. may have a deal worked out whereby there is no buyout clause for the first 4 or 5 years?

    Some kind of actual commitment by whomever they hire would be nice. I’d actually love to see that become common in collegiate athletics. Unless your fired, you must serve out the terms of your contract. If a new contract is created afterwards, a buyout clause can be instituted.

    Does anyone know if this kind of situation exists these days? Or is it a pipe dream?