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Evil Bill O’Brien’s Weekly Pick Six To Go – Week 8

A few upsets with Georgia and Oklahoma losing knocked me down to 4-2 last week.  On the plus side, I finally hit my upset special with Utah knocking off Stanford.   That would have been the highlight of the weekend if Penn State didn’t beat Michigan an all-time classic game.   That game will be replayed on Evil Bill’s DVR forever so feel free to stop by the EBOB Dome and we can watch it together.  It’s BYOB by the way. I have never been happier for a bye week.  Not because of the games that are on, but because we get another week knowing that was our last game.

On to this week’s picks:

Central Florida (NL) at Louisville

On paper, this is Louisville’s last real challenge.  Louisville looked pretty terrible vs. Rutgers, but this is the game they must impress on if they have any chance at the title game.  I don’t say that because I believe it, but it is such a stacked deck for teams like Louisville.  A 1 loss SEC team still automatically makes the title game so Louisville has to beat out the B1G, ACC, Big 12 and the Pac 12 Champ if they want a chance in that game.  UCF will pose a challenge, but Louisville will be looking to run it up.

Louisville 38 UCF 24

Florida (-3) at Missouri

In all the realignment over the last few years, there are 2 that I am having an issue with getting used to, Utah in the Pac 12 and Missouri in the SEC.  That quickly changed this past weekend when Missouri beat Georgia.  A very impressive win and they have won all their games convincingly, yet they are an underdog this weekend after losing their QB.  I think they will still be able to beat Florida at home.

Missouri 18 Florida 14

UCLA (+6) at Stanford

UCLA has been impressive all year and their collection of Linebackers is very impressive.  It’s not impressive enough to start with the BS of calling themselves Linebacker U, but they are pretty good.  Stanford is coming off a tough loss and UCLA will have to pay for that.

Stanford 38 UCLA 31

Auburn (+13.5) at Texas A&M

A&M survived a scare this past week and though Auburn is ranked, this one won’t even be close.   This game annoys me that they are both ranked so I picked it, but I really could care less about it.  Some in-depth analysis provide right there.

Texas A&M 44 Auburn 17

Florida State (-3) at Clemson

Well, all year we heard that one of these teams would mess up prior to this game, but they didn’t.  Two of the most exciting QB’s in the country meet up in a huge game for the ACC.  If this were the SEC, people would be calling this Game of the Century for the 14th time this century.   The Clemson crowd will be ready and Winston will face his 1st road test.  I like Clemson here to win and then screw up later this year.  Wide right comes back again.

Clemson 32 Florida State 31

Upset Special

USC (+3) at Notre Dame

After picking against USC the last year and a half, something has made me have a change of heart.  Oh I know, it’s the fact they fired their lowlife of a coach.  USC is a mess thanks to Kiffin and all the guys he injured, but ND has been skating by all year.  USC could have hired a mannequin and it would have been an upgrade at coach.

USC 29 Notre Dame 27

Year to date record:  30-12 (1-6 Upset Special)

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