Penn State Men's Hockey Media Day Recap

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Forward Taylor Holstrom, Goalie Matthew Skoff, and Defenseman Nate Jensen

  • Matthew Skoff had a bit more to say on the triple goalie team, saying that they’re “going to work off each other” and while there are still individual battles, at the end of the day “[they’re] a team”.
  • All three agreed that they’re “spoiled” and “really fortunate” with the new arena, with the weight rooms, locker rooms, and the student section all being highlights of theirs.
  • Jensen agrees with Gadowsky on the defensive depth, saying that they’re “bringing a lot of guys back” along with adding new players.
  • On what they took away last year, Skoff said that they learned that they can compete with the bigger teams and they “surprised a lot of people last year” by doing so. Also, playing big name games against Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio State gave them a lot of experience that they’re taking with them this year.
  • They all agree about the buzz on campus, and Holstrom noted the shops downtown with team shirts and jerseys hanging in the windows.
  • Skoff talked about adjusting to the new arena, saying “it’s all about playing your game and not worrying about your surroundings”.
  • Also discussed was their tough schedule starting in January with consistent Big Ten team play and how it will be different from last year. Skoff said that “you can’t get caught looking ahead” and that after this Friday, they’re looking forward to Army first, then RIT, then the next team.

Forward Max Gardiner, Forward David Glen, Forward Casey Bailey

  • David Glen said it’s a “big honor” to wear the A this season, saying that he just tries to contribute to the team in any way he can. He also said he’s working hard to improve upon the great season he had last year.
  • All three said that they “don’t really dial in too much” into the Player Watch List and other articles and that “it’s not a big deal to [them]”.
  • Glen said that they now see “a lot of guys spending a lot more hours” in the new arena, saying it helps with team chemistry.
  • Glen also said that they do feel like underdogs and that “[they] still have a lot to prove” and have “a lot to earn as far as respect goes in this league”, that it’s going to take a “no-nights-off attitude” to become consistent in their playing.
  • They agree that it’s nice to have a couple of NHL draft picks on the team but “in the end, the draft picks do not matter”, saying that they expect everyone they play with to play at that next level.

The next big event for the team is the too-be-announced but basically official midnight practice this upcoming Friday, October 4th into the 5th but I’ll tweet out more information on the practice as it becomes available. Also, I’ve posted a few pictures of the event and the arena on my Instagram account, as well as my Twitter account, where you can find me for any and all Penn State hockey news!

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