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Evil Bill O’Brien’s Weekly Pick Six To Go – Week 5

Everything in these picks is meaningless because Penn State got some scholarships back this week.   I would have taken an 0-6 for the rest of the year for that.  Really, this was the 1 thing I had really been hoping would be corrected.

Last week was pretty much my standard 4-2 record.  I picked Indiana to beat Missouri and that wasn’t even close.  I also picked Utah State to beat USC as my upset special and USC squeaked out a 3 point win.   Both questionable picks to begin, but there was a moral victory in that USC game.

LSU (+3) at Georgia

One of the better games of the season so far.  Georgia had a small scare last weekend vs. North Texas, but they will be ready for this game.  LSU is a good team, but Murray will have another big game.  One thing that will be noticeable is how much stronger LSU is than Georgia. …must be a strength coach thing.

Georgia 29 LSU 16

Oklahoma (-3.5) at Notre Dame

Last year when this game was in Oklahoma, ND had a shocking win that catapulted them in the rankings.  Oklahoma will beat a very average ND team, but don’t expect them to jump too much because everyone knows ND isn’t very good this year.   Big Game Bob will beat Big Baby Kelly.

Oklahoma 24 Notre Dame 11

Ole Miss (+15.5) at Alabama

Ole Miss has that great freshman recruiting class, but Alabama has had 8 straight great freshman classes.  The only reason I am picking this game is the fact that they are both ranked.  Ole Miss isn’t ready for this type of game yet.  Saban shows them some mercy but only winning by 25.

Alabama 42 Ole Miss 17

Wisconsin (+7) at Ohio State

If this game is in Wisconsin, I’d give them a chance.  Also, I’m looking forward to Penn State handing Meyer his 1st loss at OSU.  OSU should be able to put up huge points, but Meyer won’t have that blood in his eyes desire to beat Wisky now that Bert is gone to Arkansas.  Close for a ½, but Ohio State will win going away.

Ohio State 38 Wisconsin 16

USC (+6) at Arizona State

Kiffin vs. Todd Graham is really about as awful as it gets.  Kiffin was quick to congratulate Penn State for having the sanctions reduced.  Granted this was a shot at the NCAA for not easing up on their penalties, but it was also about as disingenuous as it gets.  Kiffin had no problems with the NCAA sanctions as it recruited a running back.  What a loser.  Can’t wait to see him lose 5 more games this season.

Arizona State 24 USC 9

Upset Special

South Carolina (-7.5) at Central Florida

UCF is a legit team that beat the greatest coached team in the country.  Their precision passes and strong run game will catch South Carolina off guard and the OBC will suffer a rough loss.

UCF 32 South Carolina 28

 Year to date record:  16-8 (0-4 Upset Special)

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