Penn State Football-5 Other Things To Watch For Versus Syracuse

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I know what you’re thinking, “great, another pointless 5 things to watch for” article.  Sure, we are all curious to see how the quarterbacks perform, or how the freshmen look.  But I am going to take a slightly different path with this one.  In season openers, it’s easy to get caught up in some of the big questions, but these are 5 off the radar stories I am going to have my eye on.

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  • Willie Green

    Well let’s certainly hope that the return game is better than last year. But I think that’s going to depend more on the other 10 guys who are supposed to run interference to set-up the return than the actual player who catches the ball.

    If Ficken is more consistant, O’Brien may be less agressive on 4th down. It depends on the actual game situation, of course. But I can see where there would be times where it would be smart to grab the quick points and get the guys off the field to help reduce potential for injury. It’ll be a balancing act.

    Roof was a “lightning-rod” only for those die-hard, tailgating, Paternoville mantra-chanters who still think Jay was a good QB coach.
    But they all claim that I must’ve gone to Pitt, so what do I know?

    • Catalacjack

      Many say the running game has to have everyone doing their job at just the right second for it to be successful. But on the line you can push your man into another lineman and trip them up. No such luck in the return games you must find your man engage him (which is hard to do since he is trying to avoid you), and block him at the exact instant the returner is running past your butt. If done right it becomes better choreographed then a ballet. Add to that the fact that the returner has to see which direction you had to take your block because he(the other player) did not get the game plan, or attend your practice sessions.

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  • Catalacjack

    Two questions about the defense: on third and short, why can’t PSU DBs get in the face of the receivers, and prevent inside releases? Number 2: again on 3rd and short how about stopping the DE rush and have him block (take out) the TE. Changing what BO’B said, toughness is stopping them when they have to make the easy yards.