Apr 20, 2013; University Park, PA, USA; A general view of Beaver Stadium prior to the Penn State spring game. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Penn State Football-Could Beaver Stadium Host A Non-Football Event?

The talk has been out there for years, could the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers meet in an outdoor game in front of 100,000+ at Beaver Stadium?  Those rumors gained at least some traction earlier this month when multiple reports indicated there had at least been discussions between the involved parties.  And why wouldn’t it be a great idea?  Two of the most passionate fan bases in the NHL in the country’s 2nd largest stadium seems like a natural.  You could package it with a Penn State game, generating even more interest in the young NCAA program.

With the ongoing protests in Brazil surrounding FIFA’s Confederations Cup, and next summer’s World Cup, there has been new talk about the world’s largest sporting event being relocated to the United States.  Yahoo! posted an article earlier today investigating that possibility, mentioning college towns, like State College, as a possible location.  Now, no one is saying the World Cup is coming to Happy Valley, but the thought of such a possibility, along with an ourdoor hockey game, got me thinking.  What other events would I like to see in Beaver Stadium?

  • The first is actually a non-sporting event, but it seems like now is as good a time as any to again look into bringing back a University wide commencement in Beaver Stadium.  Aside from having all Penn State graduates at University Park graduating together, the opportunity to attract prominent speakers has always resonated with me.  Weather always comes up as a concern, and with good reason, but places like Ohio State and Michigan seem to get around that just fine.
  • What about a Steelers-Eagles preseason game?  The stadium could certainly be in working order by early August, and it would be a great opportunity to bring NFL football, or at least something vaguely resembling it, to Central PA.  I would imagine it would not be a bad recruiting tool either.  Such a game would also present a new opportunity for State College businesses, attracting tens of thousands of fans for a night they would not otherwise see.
  • How about a concert?  Sure, there are concerns about the field conditions, but plenty of other stadiums have hosted big shows, and if things are scheduled well, you could surely have the grass ready for football season.  Penn State also boasts a pretty good turf grass program that can work with the athletic department to make sure there are no issues.

Sure, anything other than a Pens-Flyers game is a pipe dream at best, but it’s fun to think about on a summer weekend.  What events would you like to see?

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  • Willie Green

    Nix on the hockey game. Flooding and freezing the football field would be bad enough, but there’s no guarantee those primadonnas wouldn’t go on strike and cancel.

    An NFL preseason game is the best bet. Steelers vs Eagles would be ideal, but either one of those two playing the Patriots would also be interesting. Bills and Browns fans are also close enough to make it worthwhile, although they might not be as enthusiastic about traveling out-of-state.

    • Duff

      You wouldnt need to flood the field. The NHL has portable rinks that they could use for the game. You can take a look at it from previous winter classic games such as the one held in CBP a few years ago when the Flyers played the Rangers