Penn State Football – Top Five Beaver Stadium Crowds

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With yesterday’s news that Penn State will again be playing host to a prime time clash against Michigan, I found myself going back to some of the great moments I’ve had in Beaver Stadium, starting with the 2001 Miami game in the newly expanded stadium.  I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some of the best crowds and greatest games in the 12 seasons since.  Here are, in order, the top 5 games I’ve experienced at PSU.

Penn State vs. Miami – September 1, 2001

The game did not of course go how many Nittany Lion fans had hoped, when the top ranked Hurricanes came calling to christen the most recent expansion to Beaver Stadium. Personally, this one will always stand out for two reasons. One, it was my first time attending a game at Penn State, and I got to do it on the field with the Blue Band. Quite a way to get inducted! Second, well, I’ll let this video speak for itself:

The intensity in that stadium when I came out of the tunnel was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and the raw emotion when Adam ran onto that field. If the Lions had found a way to stay in the game, I can only wonder how much louder that crowd could have been.

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  • Steven Bergel

    PSU Notre Dame 2007 has to be included ahead of both Michigan games!

  • Ryan Progin

    Terrible list… though 2005 OSU and 2001 UM games should be on there… though the UM game wasn’t a good game. 2002 LJ2K MSU game was a great one. So was the 2002 Iowa game… everyone was leaving but my siblings and I were telling everyone to stay because we knew PSU would comeback. Unfortunately it did not result in win, but it showed resilience. 1995 Snow Bowl and having to park in Boalsburg and get bussed in wss great. So was 1993 Minnesota game and 1994 Michigan State Rose Bowl clincher.

    What about 1982 Nebraska and 1983 WVU (Hostetter’s 1st game at PSU after leaving PSU) and many others that are better games than the listed ones.

    • PSUMatt2005

      I suggest reading the opening. These are the games I was at and remember for a myriad of reasons.