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Evil Bill's Penn State Academy Awards

Well, this time of year is pretty slow so I have been bored.  That being said, I am no movie buff, but I have created some nominees for this year’s Penn State Academy Awards.  I will not choose a winner but just list the nominees as I see fit in a few categories.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Tim Beckman as Coach in “Zero Dark Conference Wins” –  When the sanctions came down, Beckman sent his henchmen off to State College to poach our players.  He came back with an unnamed underclassmen.  He then proceeded to act like he was a coach all year and was even given a headset.  His acting in those press conferences and on the sidelines earned him a nod because he almost convinced the world he actually coached.  His zero conference wins were just the icing on the cake for this performance.

Mark Emmert as the President in “Djoker Unchained” – Mark Emmert sung from the top of Sanctimonious Mountain back in July and led to praise from Dan Wetzel in the attached column that he meant business.  As he led his sham NCAA, he preached a holier than thou approach to anyone who would listen.  A truly memorable performance by the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth.

Lane Kiffin as the Imposter in “Daddy’s Silver Linings Playbook” –  This project that Kiffin took on was a role of a lifetime.  Offering assistance to BOB on how to deal with sanctions In July and taking the high road in public.  What a guy and he didn’t even hint that  behind the scenes he was recruiting his best running back at the time.  It was a convincing performance because when you see what he was like in realty while engaging petty arguments with the media, pulling a scholarship from a recruit and managing to lose endless games with great talent, you know what a snake this man actually is.   For that tenth of a second though, he had the world convinced.

Best Original Screenplay

The nominees are limited for this category, but that is OK, because the winner is a runaway… literally and figuratively.

The Winner:  WR Bubble Screen play vs. Indiana (Director:  Bill O’Brien, Starring:  Allen Robinson Uncredited:  Matt Lehman.  A simple, yet creative  screenplay, a few great blocks and a great run and the nominee was easily the winner.

Best Original Score:

Matt McGloin vs. Northwestern:   A pretty normal QB scramble that ended in pure grace.  The rally was on as Penn State was closing in on a huge comeback and then a dive that solidified this as an Original Score.

Allen Robinson vs. Navy:  With the game no longer in doubt, PSU went for a little crss pattern to take it into the red zone.  The tipped pass intended for Williams only to drop into Robinson’s pass just like we drew it up.

McGloin to Jesse James vs. Wisconsin:  4th and 6 and plenty of time, it was time to make the coaching call of the year.  While most teams would have punted, the O-line stepped up and gave McGloin plenty of time to find James for the 1st down and much more.  It was truly and original score.

Best Picture

There were a ton to choose from because any picture of BOB is worthy of a nomination.

The Stare:  Joe Hermitt of the Patriot News – @JoeHermitt

Band of Brothers:  Dave Cole of Onward State – @DaveColePhoto

Double Vision:  Dave Cole of Onward State – @DaveColePhoto



Best Director

Well, do we even need to discuss this?  I will list the nominee, who is also the winner and will be the winner year after year.

Bill O’Brien

As for the real Academy Awards, I have no opinion since the only films I see are game tapes.  Enjoy the show, but the real show doesn’t start until August 31st vs. Syracuse.  We Are!

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