Five 2013 Penn State Recruits Under The Radar

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By now, most of us have moved on from the 2013 class, and have started to turn our recruiting focus to the Class of 2014.  But before we completely turn the page, we wanted to take a look at a few players who signed on the dotted line last week (or enrolled in January) that didn’t draw the attention, or stars, of the recruiting world, that might make the “experts” look like fools before their PSU careers wrap up.


This one could be viewed as a bit of a reach in terms of “under the radar”, but hear me out.  When Richy flipped his commit from Maryland to Penn State, there were more than a few people that simply assumed he got the PSU offer because of his dad.  But make no mistake, Richy got his PSU offer because he has the potential to really flourish in O’Brien’s offense.  Where his dad was a big, bruising fullback, Richy is smaller and quicker.  In fact, word leaked earlier this week that Richy has moved from tailback to wide receiver. At receiver, he’ll fill a niche that PSU struggled to find last year, the agile slot receiver.  Allen Robinson, Brandon Mosby-Felder, and Eugene Lewis would appear to have the outside spots locked down, but playing time in the slot would seem to be up for grabs.  It might not be immediately, but I expect Richy to make his own name before he leaves Happy Valley.

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