Evil Bill's 2012 Awards

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November 24, 2012; University Park, PA, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Bill O


The nominees:

8 wins to choose from and the losses even were memorable in a sick kind of way.

1.        Ohio:  We were back after an offseason from he>>.  A miserable 2nd half, but this team showed some fight and a taste of what was to come.

2.       Navy:  The 1st win for the 2012.  A dominating defensive performance.

3.       Ohio State:  A whiteout and a game that had excitement that many thought we’d have to wait until 2018 to see.

4.       Wisconsin:  A senior day win.

This is another landslide.  The Wisconsin game will be a great memory for decades to come and was a great finish to a remarkable season.  Also, it was a well coached game of course.


This list could be a mile long, but this specific to the media members that really stood out as awful throughout the year.

1.       Christine Brennan:  She actually wrote an article in July stating that citing the fact that Penn State donations were up as proof that we “didn’t get it.”  She also was one of a few media members to have blocked me on twitter.

2.       Dennis Dodd:  Specifically, there isn’t a huge article that stands out, but his general demeanor rubs me the wrong way.  He also had a snarky tweet regarding Sam Ficken that only a small man would tweet.  He also hailed Greggggggg Doyel as the “voice on the Penn State Scandal”

3.       Greggggg Doyel:  A man who thinks he is the moral police and the voice of reason.  Any chance he had to take a shot at Penn State he took advantage of it seemed.

The winner is Greggggg.  His arrogance set him apart and his demeanor to believe that he is never wrong is really the tipping point.  I am not sure he ever got his apology from Penn state per his article after the Freeh Report and frankly, I hope he never does.


The nominees:

Specifically, thinking of 1 play out of an entire season is probably pretty tough, I’ll give it a shot.

1.       McGloin’s TD vs. Northwestern (The Discount Double Check):  As Matt captured on his VBR best moments, this play capped off a great comeback and really was the perfect McGloin play.  Scary, fun, awkward, graceful and most importantly, effective.

2.       Mauti’s INT vs. Illinois:  After dominating the whole game , Illinois threatened to score before the half.  Mauti, the most outspoken player regarding the Illinois vultures, stepped in front of a pass and almost took it to the house.

3.       Allen Robinson’s TD vs. Indiana:  A quick WR screen turned out to be a spectacular run.  A quick move, a spin and he was off.  In a blowout game, that pure talent on display stood out.

4.       4th and 6 vs. Wisconsin:  Down 1in the 4th quarter and the defense playing exceptional, PSU went all out.  Great protection, a perfect pass and Jesse James scored to take the lead.

Again, an easy decision in my book.  4th and 6 was symbolic of this team.  Gutsy play call, 2nd guessers everywhere and perfect execution made for the best play of the best game.


The nominees:

In our final category, I decided to dig up something I started doing after the Northwestern Game.   A lot of people say bold things on twitter, we’re all guilty.  I however, took them personally.   After each win, I went back and retweeted my doubters.

Bill O’Brien is a very bad hire for Penn State. Not sure if it was realistic, but really need some sort of name.

And the winner here is no one. These guys are arrogant, pompous morons that try to make bold statements as if they have a clue.

Happy New Year and thanks for a fun 2012. If you don’t mind, I’d like to do it again next year with all you F*****ERS!

Evil Bill O’Brien is not affiliated with Penn State University or head coach Bill O’Brien.

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