Evil Bill's 2012 Awards

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We know 2012 was a roller coaster of emotion.  Anger, sadness, hope, rage, joy, enthusiasm, joy, patience and appreciation are just a few emotions that the Penn State community felt.  So here we are now and it’s that special time of year when we have nothing to write about so we make up weird lists to remember the year that was.

We know that 2012 was the birth year of @evilbillobrien and that is the main reason that 2012 was placed on the façade at Beaver Stadium.  I decided to work on something to capture the year with awards on what all we saw.  The categories vary over many topics to without further adieu, I present to you the 2012 O’B’s (pronounced OH-BEES)


The nominees:

1.       On Birthdays and other fun things:  “I’m not a big birthday guy.  My wife will list all the things I really don’t enjoy: birthdays, weddings, theme parks, the beach.”

2.       In regard to seeking advice from USC’s horrid coach: “I’m not checking in with Lane Kiffin.

3.        When asked if he would recruit kids from other schools like the poachers were to Penn State:  “Hell no!  That’s not the right thing to do in my opinion. So I wouldn’t do that.”

4.       When asked about the 2012 Penn State team after the Wisconsin game, “They’re a bunch of *******”

While not enjoying the beach and laughing about reaching out to Lane Kiffin for advice is rather hilarious, this one is a no brainer.  Though fighters may have been the word, it missed the mark because *** is really the nicest compliment to give to this team.


The nominees:

1.       Gerald Hodges as a punt returner.  This one was magnified when he fumbled a punt and having an All American caliber LB returning punts was debated heavily.

2.       Fake Punt vs. Ohio State.  This play hurt momentum and the feeling is if you’re going to go, just go because the offense is used to those situations.

3.       FG Attempt at the end of the 1st half vs. Illinois.  After Mauti’s 99 yard INT return, the thought was just step on their throats and end the game.  The kick was blocked and had little to do with the outcome of the game, but showing mercy vs. Beckman was debated.

The winner is none of the above.  All of those were great calls with spotty execution.  Come on, like I was actually going to criticize the coaching.


The nominees:

This was a penalty?

1.       The pass interference call on Stephon Morris late in the 1st half of the Northwestern game.  This was truly putrid.  Morris made no contact on a jump ball and the laundry came flying.

2.       The non-holding call on Pete Massaro and Michael Mauti in the Ohio State game.  Both egregious plays were not flagged leading to some big Braxton Miller runs.


3.       The holding call on the punt in the Ohio State game.  This one was a real momentum changer and also a real mystery.

Good call idiots.


4.       The Nebraska TD that was somehow ruled a fumble.  I have no explanation here but a TD was ruled a fumble though the replay clearly showed the ball had crossed the goal line.



This is a landslide one for the Nebraska game.   As that went to replay, I tweeted, “In real life this is a TD.  In the B1G, it’s anyone’s guess.” As expected, they overruled it and that lead to a classic post game from Matt McGloin.

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