VBR Bowl Challenge

Always thought you were smarter than the VBR staff when it came to predicting games?  One, there’s a very good chance you are (did you see our records this season?), and two, we’re giving you a chance to prove it this bowl season.

Head on over to Yahoo’s bowl challenge, create an entry, and then join our group.  We will be playing based on confidence points, so just go ahead and put your highest values on anyone playing a Big 10 team.  The games start this Saturday, so get your entry in before it’s too late.

Group Name: VictoryBellRings.com

Group ID: 22559

Password: mauti2012

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer any prizes, other than the right to claim superiority over the rest of the VBR community.


Tags: Bowl Games Football Penn State Nittany Lions

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