Penn State Recruiting Update 10/23 (OSU Visitor List)

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Penn State will host Ohio State this weekend in what may determine the best team in the Big Ten. Also, it may very well be the biggest day in the history of recruiting for the Nittany Lions. Sound dramatic? It’s not. We’ll get back to that in a bit. Let’s touch on some new things and recap some old, then we’ll take a look at the list of visitors for this weekend.

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As we told you not long ago, Penn State has offered JuCo RB Aaron Wimberly of Iowa Western CC. Aaron will be visiting Happy Valley for the Indiana game in mid-November.

Penn State offered 2014 OL Andrew Mike.

Penn State offered 2014 DL Ricky Walker, who has a visit set up for this weekend.

2013 Oklahoma DT Zach Webb plans on visiting for the Wisconsin game.

Penn State offered a top 2014 linebacker, Troy Reeder.

LB Johnathan Walton will not be making the trip this weekend. He said that he has talked it over with the coaches and will take his official in December, when he can stay the weekend. He did say, though, that he will “most definitely” be watching from home, adding “can’t miss this one!”

LB Zayd Issah suffered a recent injury and is unsure if he’ll be able to make the trip to Penn State this weekend.

LB Buddy Brown was hoping to make the trip on Saturday but will not be able to.

Most of the 2013 committed class will be on hand Saturday, with a few exceptions. Garrett Sickels and Brendan Mahon both have games. Curtis Cothran has homecoming and Neiko Robinson wont be coming for other reasons. The staff wants him to come in December, probably for some more individual time, but Neiko is uneasy about that. “I want to see a game so I get the feel of how it will be to play there.” He added “If I don’t, that’s kind of going to effect my decision.” However, he added that he does remain committed and will be watching the game on television Saturday.

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  • Willie Green

    I came across an article last night that said 3/4-star DL Rod Crayton will be there. (6-1/310 Dadeville, AL) Apparently LJ has already extended him an offer, and along with Washington State, LSU & Tennessee, we’re among the top 4 schools that he’s considering.

    • Tim Tolley

      Good call, Willie! I just found the story and added him to the list. I hadn’t heard his name since the spring. He’s an underrated prospect, in my opinion. Very disruptive force in the middle.

      • Willie Green

        And we could certainly use a DL in the 2013 Class.
        Can’t pick a player at every spot, but we still need to keep the depth balanced.

  • AP

    So where are the rest of the “100″ recruits that O’Brien was talking about? I imagine he’ll have a few guys that will be walk… err, run-ons, and a few more 3 and 4 star guys for both ’13 and ’14, but 100 seems like a stretch. Or am I missing something?

    • Tim Tolley

      Many of these kids will bring a teammate from high school and I’m sure my list isn’t complete. The pay sites should have longer lists. Also worth noting that not many places had guys like Jordan Smith or Kasey Gaines on the radar before they committed. Impossible to keep up with every one and two star recruit on the east coast. I went for the headliners.

    • Tim Tolley

      The Rivals guy just said he thinks 50 is a more accurate number. I’d think BOB would know but he may be counting kids who aren’t realistic prospects.

  • Brent

    So what is the official word on how many scholarships we have left for this class. 11 commits but 2 are January enrolls, so I’m told they count toward 2012? Does that mean we have 6 spots open?

    Also it seems like Bullock could be close to committing. If so I would think that would mean no other rbs for this class, which means no Wimberly. It seems he was offered to help get Waters to be our starting QB next year. Could end up being a huge loss if those two are a package deal?

    • AP

      I’ve been wondering the same thing about the early enrollees counting against 2012 instead of 2013. I heard that mentioned somewhere, but everyone seems to have the “official” count at 11. Those 2 extra scholarships would be huge.

      As for Wimberly, I think his offer would still stand even if Bullock commits, since he would be an upperclassman and would only use a scholarship for 2 years, which is probably how long it will take for Bullock to see playing time. The value of Wimberly is that you know what you’re getting and he can contribute immediately. For ’13, Belton, Zwinak and Lynch are really the only guys we’ve got, so another guy in the mix would help.

    • Tim Tolley

      I doubt they’re a package deal. They’re both adults who can’t afford to make this decision for the wrong reasons. They could take 6 more but for every scholarship they don’t fill this year, they can use for early enrollees next year. They may opt to leave a few open, rather than fill them with fringe recruits.

  • Jon/OH

    What about RB Adam Geiger that kid is amazing?

  • Phil D.

    Hey so, what happened to that RB out of Philly? Did the staff just kind of get tired of him waiting to make up his mind? Also, I thought we missed the boat on Lemelle a while ago, no?

    • Tim Tolley

      David Williams wrote Penn State off after the sanctions. It would appear Lemelle is in the picture now! It’s been unclear whether or not the staff wanted to take a WR after the scholarship limit was put in place. I don’t think they’re trying all that hard but if a guy they like wants to come, they’ll figure it out.

  • Brent

    Thanks for the update! Those are some huge names for 2014! Would love to see Brown, Booker, Spain, & Mustipher coming too. Who knows what their schedules are though.

    What is the deal on Cook? Just coming with Hackenberg? Or is he actually opening up his recruitment?

  • Mike

    Update the list!!