Penn State Dominates Iowa-A Twitter Story

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By now you are all aware of the details of Penn State’s dominating 38-14 win in Kinnick Stadium.  Rather than rehash stats and individual performances, I thought it might be fun to recap the game “in real time” with a number of my tweets from during last night’s game.


Kickoff.  Nothing of note, other than a strong desire to see Iowa turned into the world’s largest swimming pool….or outdoor skating rink in the winter.

Iowa takes the opening kickoff and does exactly what you’d expect Iowa to do with the opening kick.  Nothing.

I’m pretty sure this was after Mark Weisman’s first (and probably longest) carry of the game.  This was arguably the Iowa offensive highlight of the night.

This would become a theme for most of the night.  Some Iowa writer gave the Hawkeyes the edge at TE because, and I quote, “they block better”.  Stay tuned on this one…

Iowa sort of did stuff on offense and got close enough to try a field goal.  Said field goal sailed wide.  If you haven’t been paying attention, going for it is almost always a better decision.  Also, I like hashtags.

BOB naturally decided to go for it on 4th down on the Iowa side of the field.  Iowa was forced to call timeout, as they were not even close to being ready for PSU’s offense to stay on the field.  Iowa either doesn’t own video equipment, or just assumed Joe was still in charge.  Probably both.

I’m pretty sure this was after Kyle Carter’s leaping grab on 4th down.  Told you it was a theme.

Iowa’s talented left tackle Brandon Scherff went out in the 2nd quarter with a serious leg injury.  A bad night for Iowa was getting worse quickly.

The first part is an actual quote from whoever the clown on the BTN broadcast was.  The second part is what we all know is true.  BOB is going for it on 4th down roughly 98.6% of the time.  It’s just a fact.

This was one of those 1.4% of 4th downs where in BOB elected to kick.  Naturally Sam Ficken rewarded this confidence with a made field goal.  If you didn’t know it already, the rout was on.

After Bill Belton ran 11 yards for his first of 3 touchdowns, he was flagged for taunting, after holding his finger to his lips to quiet the Iowa crowd.  Apparently this is frowned upon, although I think the penalty might have only been called because it was not required.  Kinnick was practically silent by then.


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  • Tim Tolley

    You almost won Twitter last night…but it was a tie with @blerms.

  • Soddy

    Although the game was pathetic the attacks at the state of Iowa were not very well researched……if you turned the state into a swimming pool you would starve.

    • PSUMatt2005

      Along with the apparent lack of electricity, it appears an understanding of sarcasm has yet to make its way to Iowa.

      • soddy

        I understand sarcasm very well tried to major in it without any luck…….I know the game was terrible and some of the loudest Iowa fans are also some of the least intelligent but you don’t have to a dick on how some of us make a living. It really grinds my gears……….

        • soddy

          Be a dick, sorry.

    • Tim Tolley

      That’s nonsense! I can get pizza anywhere!

  • soddy

    Buuut It would appear that I’m trolling pretty hard right now so I’m out. Good luck with the rest of the year the more winning teams in the B1G the better.

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