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Lately, I have seen some twitter top 100 lists and Sports Illustrated made some lists.  It got me to thinking that, outside of me, who is an essential follow for PSU fans.  As Evil Bill started, I just started pecking through and as things got RT’d, I would follow someone new.  Mostly, I have all Penn State people that I follow and a few of the national blowhards.  I also went around the State of PA and started to find writers locally in center PA and then to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

I must disclose that I have never met anyone on this list and don’t even follow everyone I listed.  My list is far from perfect and everyday BOB has a press conference, I get the same tweet from every single one of the people listed.

@Coach_Chambers: Tied for the coolest coach at Penn State.

@caelsanderson: Tied for the toughest coach at Penn State.

@PennStateWBB: Represents the women’s basketball team. I don’t love the sport, but I hear they’re good.

@Tali43: If you don’t already know Adam Taliaferrro’s story, you’re in the wrong place. Leave now and find it.

@VictoryBellRing:  PSU blog that also works tirelessly on PSU stories, recruiting and any college football news worth discussing. You’re here. You know it’s awesome.

@TimTolleyVBR:  The current ringmaster of VBR who seemingly busts his tail to bring good PSU stuff.

@PSUMatt2005:  Compulsive gambler who enjoys whiskey, Cleveland sports, Columbus Blue Jackets which all go together nicely

@SportsChatChuck:  VBR contributor who likes Philly and New England sports.  Checks in on twitter every 30 feet, but a real good guy by all accounts.

@C_Chuff:  Die-hard PSU fan and contributor.  He is very good for RT’s of recruits tweets and RT’s plenty of good PSU info.  Passed the bar recently to become the 1000th blogging PSU lawyer.

@Realhuntdog23:  VBR contributor who has a nasty streak and makes some crazy suggestions to Evil Bill.  I am pretty sure he doesn’t care for Lane Kiffin.

@cdauman8:  VBR contributor who brings lots of good PSU info. Another compulsive gambler on the staff.

@ericbsion: My favorite student with my favorite avi.

@BSDTweet:  Just a good follow to see when new posts are added to Black Shoe Diaries

@HappyHourValley:  BSD writer who happens to RT some incredible stuff.  His tweet regarding Mark Emmert on 9/21 was an all time great

@Jared_BSD:  BSD writer – Worth a follow with good articles on BSD and good tweets. Formerly known as @IfJoePaTweeted.

@Devon2012:  BSD writer who gained national attention by retweeting Evil Bill and possibly something else.  Overreacts to every play on twitter and has called to have Ted Rood fired 98 times in 4 games I believe.

@EpicTripod:  Tireless BSD writer who really covers recruiting well. Knower of all things (mostly bars) Pittsburgh.

@MikePettigano:  BSD Writer/Photographer.  Good source for various PSU RT’s. Very close to becoming too big for PSU.

@Notcarlotta:  BSD Writer with an apparent hatred for Carlotta.

@djvecellio:  BSD writer with great avatar w/ Pat Chambers.  His Paul Jones article on 9/28 was particularly good.  Buffalo masochist also.

@runthedive:  Buffalo masochist, who though I am not 100% sure, but believe he was a former BSD writer.  One of the more uniquely funny follows on twitter with great .gifs

@scrappled:  Former BSD writer who also RTs some incredible things with a good sense of humor. Hates crazy message boarders.

@IntelligentCFB:  BSD writer who has written off sports in 500,000 words or more only to enjoy PSU Football again.  His long articles are worth the read. Also an avid soccer fan so if that’s not your thing, you need to sift through those

@AdamCollyer:  BSD writer who showed up on TRU TV and represented the PSU brand and argyle fans everywhere well.  His RTs of his dad’s photos are worth the look as well.

@RowlffDogg:  Head jokester of JoePa’sDoghouse.  His corny jokes are a staple as well as his hatred for Pitt.

@JSchnauzer:  JoePa’sDoghouse contributor with corny jokes at times as well.

@_TheUnderdogs_  JoePa’sDoghouse contributor and soccer fan

@KellieGuinan:  @RowlffDogg’s better half, which isn’t saying much… Hostess of a top-notch tailgate.

@RBecklerPSU:  Onward State writer who looks to further his career as the Sundae Guy at the Bellefonte Dairy Queen.

@KevinHornePSU:  Onward State Editor / Penn State media watchdog who seems to have more enemies than friends.  Long time admirer of Sara Ganim’s work.

@drewBbalis:  Onward State writer who has received the cold stare from BOB.  Big Philly sports fan/Wings Over and Dominic Brown fan and tweets about those subjects excessively.

@OnwardState:  PSU student blog and new target of PS4RS.  Good follow if you want to be depressed and remember how fun college was.

@Ben_Jones88:  Tiger Woods apologist who gained fame during last November.  Very good source of PSU information.

@TimGilb:  Daily Collegian writer.

@Nittanylines:  Seems to be a pretty knowledgeable PSU fan.  Also has an affinity for old WWF which makes his tweets interesting at times.

@ArtieFufkin10:  PSU fan who is running the Philly marathon and looking for donations.  He also scours PSU message boards with one eye opened and reports his horrific findings to twitter.

@AllPSUfootball:  PSU blogger who writes interesting articles on his blog.

@blerms:  PSU/Twins/Whiskey fan and nemesis of @PSUMatt2005 which makes him a friend of mine.

@UncleRonSC:  Recent pardody account of “Uncle Ron” Musselman who has nailed Mussselman’s inability to RT/reply to texts.  Has also mastered the annoying trolling that Musselman does.

@troyweller:  President of Nittanyville.

@AdamBreneman87: Kid already bleeds blue and white. Do NOT tweet at him-that’s a violation and it pisses me off.

@karisamaxwell: You can find her on in the front row of the student section, vying for my attention.

@BCogs22: Comes running when he hears the word “whiteout.” Man-crush on Adrian Amos.

@JoeCleezy1: Seems a little sketchy but nobody knows Pennsylvania high school football like him. Except for me.

@Rudybegga32: Former drum major, loves stats and thinks #KickingIsForQuitters

@PSU_DM_KENNEY: Current drum major, fan of all things Boston, including me.

@SBench12: I make the freshman QB run a lap each time he tweets the word “swagger.” It doesn’t deter him.

@PretendLouHoltz: Closer to the real thing than you’d expect.

@PSUBlueBand: A behind the scenes look at the best damn band in the land. That’s right, Ohio State, I said it.

@5tank0: Stanko might be the funniest person in the locker room when I don’t feel like being funnier than him.

@PSUQuiznos: It’s no Subway, but they do tweet specials all the time.

@sportspickle: Unnecessarily rude and ironic about the most obscure topics. Otherwise known as “EBOBing.”

@GoPSUJeff: Only person who promotes me more than me.

@KCarter_87: I have big plans in store for Kyle.

@ShawnGuinan: One of the few who have met the mysterious EBOB. He’s sworn to secrecy.

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